Memphis is 3!

Our sweet Memphis is 3! He is growing up too fast for my liking, but I can't seem to slow him down. He loves doing anything and everything his siblings do and always seems to say the cutest things. We really love our little guy.

A few things about Memphis right now:
* He is 39 pounds (above the 95th percentile)
* He is 40 inches tall (still about the 98th percentile and off the charts)
* He loves reading books with anyone who will read to him, but also loves looking through books by himself
* He can count to 20 all by himself
* He can sing his ABC's
* He loves playing with his older siblings any chance they will give him
* He is still my best buddy
* His favorite food is Mac and Cheese and Pizza
* He is starting to learn his letters and knows a few of them and the sounds they make
* He loves any "play date" he can get and asks when I'm leaving any time we got to a friends house.
* He is fully potty trained, including at night. No more diapers or pull ups, Woohoo!
* He loves owls, his "softly blankets" (bamboo/muslin) and his "sparkle blankie"
* He knows all the basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, crescent, heart, star, etc)
* He is still mischievous and has started being a little stinker. Unfortunately, he has picked up on a few bad phrases from his older brother and loves using them.
* He loves listening to his daddy's stories
* He has learned to ride a balance bike and loves being outside with his siblings and friends playing
* He is best buddies with his Aunt Lindsey and loves having her live with us
* He says the cutest things all the time
* His favorite movies are Trolls and Moana
* He is super ticklish and has the best laugh
* He still takes naps (thank goodness)
* He loves driving the power wheels the kids got for Christmas
* He enjoys running out and greeting the mailman every time he sees him:)
* He loves "playing" (or watching Netflix) on our phones whenever we will let him
* He enjoys hopping and jumping
* He loves Pokemon, Dragons (from How to Train your Dragon), Spiderman, Star Wars, and Lightening McQueen
* His favorite color is Pink
* He is a good little eater for the most part and always seems to be hungry
* He loves playing with MagnaTiles, Cars (Disney Cars), and Family
* He has been a good sport and enjoys taking naps with mom and her bed everyday
* He hates Santa
* He loves visiting or being visited by his cousins!
* He hates dogs. He loves cats, but dogs are a no.
* He enjoys going shopping and running errands with mom (and usually Tucker)
* He knows how to write "M's" for Memphis (or "up, down, up, down's" as he calls them)
* He melts my heart with his adorable smile and flirtatious ways. He has learned to wink and its the cutest.

Memphis you are such a sweet boy who is almost always happy. If your siblings didn't tease you, I think you would be happy all the time. You are easily distracted if you become upset, and have the best laugh I know of. We are so grateful that you are a part of our eternal family and can't image life without you. We love you with all our hearts Boo Boo Bear.

A few photos from years 2-3


December in Review

Highlights from the best month of the year . . . December:

Matching Christmas Jammies from Gramma J!

Celebrating Jada's 7th Birthday

 Dinner at Chuy's, Jada's favorite

Surprise Birthday date with Dad, Ice Skating

Jada's bed got a new makeover. My first quilt!

Decorating Gingerbread houses with our friends

Practicing being a big brother again:)

The best Christmas miracle of all . . . some serious SNOW in Atlanta!! Over 9 inches!

Ward Christmas Brunch and Nativity

A million twisty sticks . . Merry Christmas Friends

Mom's weekend in Orlando visiting Harry Potter World with her best friend, Kate, for her 30th birthday!

Gatorland Night Tour

Bowling with our cousins

Gingerbread House fun

 Christmas Sunday Best

Christmas Eve Nativity

Christmas Morning

New Years Eve in Athens with our cousins