100 Things About Me

So...Yes, Liz, I am copying your idea from a while ago. I am new at this blogging stuff so I figured I could start off with the basics. Here is a list of 100 things about me...

1. I don't have a middle name.

2. When I was about 7 I stole a individually wrapped chewy sweetheart from a convenient store. I felt so bad I told my dad...but when he asked me if I ate it already I said I didn't (though I certainly did). My dad took me back to the store and I had to confess to the manager what I did. I didn't tell anyone till about 3 years ago that I took back the wrong piece of candy.

3. My biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their Mouthe's open.

4. My favorite animals are elephants and zebras.

5. I once had a (devil) bird named Petrie.

6. I love the ocean...but, I don't like to swim in it.

7. I am somewhat of an organizational freak. I don't like it when things are dirty or unorganized it causes me stress. An example: I was babysitting 3 children whose parents are wealth...they have a huge pantry with more food open then ever necessary (to the point of having 3 cheerios boxes open at once). It was so unorganized that I just had to help them out. Yes, when the kids took their naps, I spent quite some time organizing their pantry.

8. My first job was as a babysitter/maid for a family in Tallahassee, Florida. My sister and I did it together. I did everything from making dinner while doing laundry to cleaning the toilet.

9. I had some older friends when I was younger (they were twins and about 16 when I was 7 or so). They used to let me drive their car.

10. The same friends from above and their parents used to let me lay across their laps at church and sleep:)

11. I hate frogs, fishes, lizards, spiders, and everything else creepy. I hate them so much, one time a friend of mine picked up a frog and started chasing me. I ran as fast as I have ever and started crying. Yeah, I was 17 at the time.

12. I have always wanted my own dog...but never got one.

13. I was once confronted by a boy who said to me, "I know someone who has a crush on me." To which I replied..."oh, really". He then went on to say, "Yes, lots of people have crushes on me. I know you do." That was awkward.

14. I moved to Florida when I was 9 and met Amelia (who was in my class)...we are still great friends to this day.

15. Amelia and I once called some boys we had crushes on "scrubs". (you know, from the song...yeah we thought we were cool)

16. I don't like ice cream.

17. I don't like most desserts.

18. In the 7th grade my science teacher recorded a video on Anacondas for us to watch on his son's VHS. Note: He was the nicest teacher in the world. Anyways...unfortunately he wasn't paying attention and after the movie ended...the whole class "got" to see some porn. It was awful. To this day I can't watch anything with Anacondas in it.

19. I love candy! (Some may say to an unhealthy level)

20. I used to babysit in exchange for getting my nails done:) (Some of my closest relationships were with the parents of children that I babysat)

21. I won second place in the Science Fair in 5th grade. (With my partner Amelia)

22. I was on principles honor role till I hit college. Dang...I miss those days.

23. When I was younger, anytime my older brother would come near me I would yell. He got in trouble every time...most the time he didn't even touch me. (Unfortunately I got caught once and that ended that.)

24. I wanted to hang out with my sister and her friends so much when I was little that I would follow them everywhere. (I even managed to get myself into their "matching outfit" pictures.)

25. My earliest memory of wanting to play with my sister (24) is when they were in the backyard playing "Little Mermaid". I wanted to play so bad, but no matter how much i begged...I never got to.

26. I am awful at taking standardized tests...I freeze.

27. My favorite color is orange.

28. The family rule was that you had to be 8 before you could get your ears pierced. I wanted them pierced so bad that one day (when I was quite a bit younger then 8) my dad took me to the mall and I got them pierced. (He then told me to put my hair down for a while so my mom wouldn't find out too soon) But, as soon as I saw her...she noticed.

29. My dad, and my brother Rhet, are honestly the best men to ever live!

30. When my sister and I shared a room and bed (for years), I had to touch her to fall asleep. I would wait till she was out then put my arm around her, or hold her hand...anything.

31. I had a crush on a boy for over 5 years!

32. One Halloween it started to rain so hard that my friend, Amelia, and I changed into our swimming suits and continued trick-or-treating. Yes, we were the only ones out.

33. My sister, Tiffani, and I used to peek at the presents in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. We were caught quite a few times. (It doesn't help when you trip over a plastic kitchen...then have no place to hide)

34. Every Christmas day we have to wait for my parents to come down stairs and put the Christmas lights on before we all go out into the living room (we line up shortest to tallest...it used to be youngest to oldest, but now that doesn't work). We wake up every year at 6:30 (even though the youngest is now almost 16). And every year my dad always tells us to "go back to bed."

35. Last year my roommates and I got ourselves a kitten, Maggie...even though we weren't allowed to have pets. (Seriously though, she was the cutest cat i have even seen)

36. My dream vacation is Australia and Africa.

37. I have swum with Alligators.

38. I have been stung by jellyfish.

39. When swimming in the ocean once, I had 3 dolphins come up right next to me chasing fish. They were literally 2 feet away.

40. I was once nearly kidnapped. (No exaggeration)

41. I love watching movies!

42. I wear whatever I want...I don't care if I look odd or have broken any fashion laws.

43. Though many ask, I don't wear contacts. *My mom requested that I add another fact about my eyes, they "sparkle"...they have little white flecks in the blue, adding a cool effect:)

44. In a single dentist visit...my record was 8 cavities.

45. I don't like talking on the phone very much...especially when the other person doesn't ask questions or say much in the conversation.

46. I love children, and I honestly think I have a gift in that area...if that is possible. Babies are the cutest things. Just holding one makes my day.

47. I have never tried any kind of drug or alcoholic beverage.

48. I once hit my boyfriend's car with a truck, making a dent, and didn't tell him for months. (He didn't notice though...so that says something about the car, right?!)

49. I still sleep with a stuffed animal.

50. Once when I was on a family vacation in Seattle, WA, I got hit above the eye with a wooden swing. I needed to get stitches, but because I was out of state the doctors wouldn't do anything. I had to keep butterfly band-aids on it for a long time and got a huge bruise around my eye.

51. We used to go sledding off our roof when I was about 8. We would shovel the snow off the roof into a huge slope...and go right off.

52. I have worked at Meijer (bagging and cashiering), Famous Footwear, American Eagle, BYU, Pizza Pipeline, American Pie, Big Daddy's, DK Pizza Pie, Gretchen's House, Wilhelmina Urban, Small Wonders Day Care, Bookwise, Atlas Marketing, and Stephen Hales Creative.

53. I enjoy spying on people that I know. I like going out with my friends, dressing in black, and sneaking around.

54. I love Friends and could watch it all day if possible. I have seen every episode.

55. When I get married I really want to have 8 children. And I REALLY hope that I have a set of twins or triplets.

56. The first time I almost swore was when i was in 6th grade. I was at my locker during class when a girl that was extremely mean passed me. I started to say B**** pretty loud and caught myself. I remember being stunned by what I just about said. I don't even know were it came from...she didn't even do anything to me.

57. If I could meet any celebrity I would choose George Clooney. I love him! But don't worry it's not like "love"...I wouldn't date him or anything. He is just the cutest 46-year-old ever!

58. I cry if I see older people fall.

59. I am still friends with all but one boy I've "seriously" dated. (7/8 ain't bad)

60. I love doing puzzles! Not to gloat, but I do think it is a skill I have.

61. When I was about 6, in school we were learning about chickens...and how they lay eggs, then they are incubated, and the chicks hatch. Well...my friend Emily and I decided that we wanted to hatch our own eggs. So, we got some from the fridge and took them to our neighbor's house. From there we thought that if we threw them at the woodpile the chicks would pop out. They didn't...we eventually got down to the last egg and remembered you needed to keep it warm. So, my friend put it in her coat pocket and on our way home she tripped and smashed it all over her coat.

62. Throughout my life, I have gone through periods when I have been really sad. During one of these periods my mom gave me a necklace that said, "I love you" that I used to wear everyday to help me. Cute mom:)

63. During my sophomore year of High School I started having back pains. Sometimes they are extremely bad. I went to multiple doctors, saw a chiropractor, saw a bone specialist and got x-rays...after many visits no one has ever been able to tell me what's wrong.

64. In High School I got these weird red dots on my stomach. They didn't itch but they spread all over my stomach with a few on my legs. Oddly enough my best friend Elise got them soon after. We really didn't want to be at school, so we went to the nurse and convinced her that they must be contagious! She gave us permission to call our mothers and go home. Both our parents were out of town, but we called and got permission and left. We spent the rest of the day hanging out, making cookies, shopping, and having fun.

65. A few weeks ago i spent 40 minutes in Wal-mart looking for Cool-Aid.

66. In High School we had a HUGE lost and found box overflowing with clothes year-round. Right before my teacher would have her bi-annual run to the Salvation Army, my friends and I would go through and take whatever we wanted. To this day I still have t-shirts and sweatshirts I found there...I love 'em.

67. I have 4.5 nieces (one will be born in June) and 2 nephews. Their names are Alexis, Daisy, Rachel, Mara, Benjamin, and Carson. They are all the best! SO cute:)

68. One of my favorite vacations was to Key West Florida with my family.

69. When I was little I asked for a leaf blower for my birthday (so I'm told:) I used to enjoy watching my neighbor use his...he was my inspiration.

70. Euchre was my favorite game in high school (for those of you not from the east...or Michigan, you may not be familiar with this game...but it rocks!) Anyways, my friend Laura and I used to play it ALL the time. We were the unbeatable team.

71. For those not in the family...(by blood) I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. In order, Rhet, Dantzel, Tiffani, (I would be here) Lindsey, and Ryan. I also have 2 "married in" brothers: Adam, and Ryan, and one "married in" sister: Jessica. I love them all!

72. One summer on vacation, I invited a friend of mine, Blake, to come to my grandparent's farm with me. After a bit of chatting, we went and borrowed my Uncle Larry's 4-wheeler for some fun. While cruising through a field of weeds, Blake lost his shoe...so we covered the field on the 4-wheeler looking for it. Finally we found it...and we also found out that the "weed" field was my grandpa's neighbor's Alfalfa field. I felt awful! But, my poor grandpa was so nice about it all. I don't know what he did...but he said he would take care of it. (I probably ruined at least an acre) What a nice grandpa:)

73. I'm majoring in Photography. My ultimate goal is to work for National Geographic, but if that doesn't happen, I hope to work for some other wildlife, or outdoor magazine as their photographer. I really want to travel the world taking photos. (Landscape is my focus)

74. I am a very picky eater and don't really like trying new things (as far as food goes). I have to be in the mood. Texture is important when it comes to the food I put in my mouth. If it looks weird or appears to have a texture I dislike...I'm not eating it. (and...for those who know me...this even includes candy...I know, crazy!)

75. When I was little my parents took the family to see a drive in movie. Apparently, I was a little bored. I decided to see how many rocks I could shove up my nose. (Kids...this isn't a good idea) I had to go to the doctor to get a bunch out because I had pushed them up so far.

76. The one and only time I was commanded to "get back in this house" was by someone other then my parents. (It was another non-related adult)

77. On a date, My date and I, who were starving and money-less, snuck cereal and milk into the dollar movie and had dinner while we watched Lady in the Water. Mmmm...Crunch Berries. (For those of you thinking about the people in the theatre with us...they had no clue)

78. During the summer of 2005, I went home for the summer just to be asked to come back and work for a friend. So, I did. I didn't have a mode of transportation, so he let me use his truck, till that broke...then I was stuck with the Bajaj (a little foreign piece of crap) Anyways, not only is it embarrassing, but it is hard to drive and not fun. Well...freshman year I spend a lot of time with my sister Dantzel, Adam, and their little girl Rachel. I loved being with them. Well I happened to have the Bajaj the day they moved. After they drove away, I was heading to my apartment, depressed, when the Bajaj broke down in the middle of a super busy intersection. It kept stalling, and I couldn't get it to go anywhere. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't stop crying. I tried to call the owner but he didn't answer. I ended up calling Peter (who at the time was a co-worker and I knew I could count on). He came and helped me and gave me a ride. My hero:)

79. My family used to have a Dalmatian puppy named Caesar (well technically he was my brother's). He was the cutest Dalmatian in the world. One day a bee stung him on his eyelid and it got all puffed up. So, we let him sleep inside on a big pillow we had. I slept next to him on the pillow the whole night.

80. When I lived in Florida, the neighbor kids and I used to go play behind our houses in the forest. We had a fort of some sorts a ways back. We were out there together one day (about 6 or so of us) when Cory and I saw the same odd thing. Honestly, to this day I really think we saw something...but it's hard to describe what because it was almost enchanted looking. We both swear we saw something resembling a white unicorn (I'm NOT saying that is what we saw...but that's the best we could describe it) It's weird, I know.

81. The best soup in the world is found in 2 places. One, the BYU Cougar Eat: they have the BEST Broccoli and Cheese soup...I crave it regularly, as well as there Chicken, Brown, and Wild Rice soup. And second, Denny's...I know you are all skeptical, but their Vegetable Beef soup (served only on Saturday's and Tuesday's) is mmmmm good.

82. I know that my brothers and sisters who are married found their perfect match. I love my sister and brother-in-laws just as much as the rest of my family. They fit in perfect and compliment the other half:) I hope one day I can have what they have.

83. I was pushed down the stairs by my best friend in 3rd grade. She had a cousin who hated me and wanted Emily (my friend) to be mean to me. So she told her she needed to push me down her stairs. And she did...how sad. (Don't worry, we made up.)

84. One memory I have from WAY back is putting my sibling's baby powder on the fan and turning it on. I can't remember what sibling was my companion in that adventure...but I know someone had to be. I was too little to be able to get it up there.

85. I was the manager of the volleyball team my sophomore year of High School. I know many people laugh and think "you're a dork"...and some even go as far as being embarrassed for me...But, I LOVED IT. I love volleyball, and though I wasn't good enough to be on the team...I had friends who were. I loved being able to be at all the games, keep stats, etc.

86. In High School I once met this guy somehow on AIM...I'm not sure how he got my screen name, but I used to talk to him occasionally. I even went as far as meeting him about a year later (NOT RECOMMENDED). But, for the record I did no go alone. I took friends. And I never spoke to him again...he was creepy.

87. For those of you who know what EFY is, I think I am one of few who NEVER hooked up (this includes, kissing, holding hands, getting their number and actually calling afterwards, etc) with a guy while there. My friends always did, but I never managed to. I'm so glad I didn't.

88. I love learning about animals and the world (not history...that's a bore). I recently bought Planet Earth, and I love it. I enjoy watching the animal planet and documentaries on animals. My favorite ones to learn about are Polar Bears and Elephants. I really want to see one on White Tigers, but I have never seen a DVD or episode about them.

89. I whistle to myself often (anytime and anywhere), as well as hum. Not just your familiar songs; I make up my own tunes (I normally don't hum in public, just whistle).

90. I hate reading. I love Harry Potter and I was able to read all of them, but I really dislike reading. It has to be very well written yet simplistic and entertaining for me to have enough motivation to read and finish it.

91. I am most happy when I am with all of my family. I love having everyone together...all 17.5 of us. We all love to play games and laugh together. It just makes me bubble over with joy to have everyone there. I hate being so far apart and not being able to see them regularly.

92. Recently I was able to stay up late and hear stories about my brother Rhet's mission to Managua, Nicaragua. I really hadn't heard much about it until this last December. It was just Rhet, his wife Jessica, and me (and my little bro Ryan for some) up late talking. I loved hearing his stories and experiences. I felt like I got to know more about him and his life...even though it was past. Thanks Rhet:) and thanks Jessica for the encouragement.

93. My sister Tiffani and I used to fight all the time when we were little about the smallest things. I remember a big confrontation was how much of a crack to leave in the door when we went to sleep. Every night we would move the rock that held it open, back and forth, back and forth till one of us fell asleep. Things got better. But, when we moved to Michigan we were both having a hard time. I remember we were both in bed crying one night...and I think that's when we finally clicked. We became best friends and told each other everything. We still are.

94. I miss my grandparents. I only have one grandmother alive, and she lives miles away. I miss having all of them close and being able to hear their stories and have them in my life. I can't remember ever not wanting to go see them. I can't wait for the day that I can see them again!

95. I once stabbed my sister in the cheek with a fork. (I guess I was pretty mad)

96. Around the same time, at dinner one day I was shaking a huge thing of salsa to mix it up, but didn't realize the cap wasn't on. It went all over the ceiling...everywhere.

97. I didn't know till the summer of 2007 that there wasn't such a thing as a "chester drawers". My family used to call it a chester for short...and I always thought that was what it was called. Well, while at work one day I was typing an email to a co-worker about an account. The email said that chester was spelled wrong. I asked my manager and she informed me that in fact...it was "chest of drawers" there is no much thing as a "chester drawers". Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed.

98. When I start sweating...my right armpit sweats a lot more than my left.

99. My favorite food in the whole world is the Olive Garden salad. There dressing is SO good. Second, my mom's homemade Spanish Rice. (I LOVE THEM!)

And finally...(I decided to make this one that not many people know.)

100. In 7th grade I had an intern in my history class. (Side note: My teacher, Mr. Cartwright, is probably one of the coolest and nicest teachers ever) Back to the story: One day Mr. Cartwright was gone and the intern was teaching the class about the Mormon's and their migration, if you will. He told the class that they practiced polygamy and stated, "they still do to this day". I was really upset, so I raised my hand and said that infact that was not true. He started yelling at me and said that I should never say he was wrong, and that he saw it on 20/20. Though I am somewhat shy (and didn't really talk about the church to many people at that age...since most of my friends were members anyway), but, I wasn't shy at this point, and proceeded to tell him that I didn't care what he saw, they were misinformed and that the church doesn't promote that anymore. I said that the people might have said that they were members, but indeed they were not. We had a long argument. In the end I was so upset and just decided to let him go on. The following day my teacher got back and heard about all the commotion. He scolded the intern and told him never to do that again, and corrected him. Then, told me that I had every right to do what I did and he was proud of me for standing up for myself. (Another side note: Mr. Cartwright is not a member of the church and has limited knowledge on the subject) I think this was the one time in my life I had the opportunity to stand up for myself. It honestly affected my life from that moment on. (No, I don't argue with people about my religion, but I am willing to discuss it with anyone and don't shy away)

101. (On behalf of my good friend Matthew David Ceo...) My first date was to the movie Pearl Harbor with my first boyfriend, Matt. Except, i wasnt quite 16 (the age to date) so my best friends Kimmie and Kristin came along. They cried the entire movie:) I was just so nervous and happy i didnt really know what was going on.


Trent and Amelia said...

Oh Aubry, I am so sad that I messed up your blog!! We will have to fix it asap. I loved reading the 51 things about you, it brought back some fun memories!

Jessica said...

Proofread-proofread-proofread... now your whole family knows your mischievous ways of letting in boys at night:) I'll tell everyone that the reason was because he beat you at Dance Revolution and you couldn't take it anymore. You needed a re-match! (Yes, its a lie, its what sister-in-laws are for):)
Jess- AKA NOT stilts

Jessica said...

BTW- your comment number 29 made your brother cry. Although he also cried at "The Day After Tomorrow"...and don't forget Hallmark/LDS commercials. Gotta love him!

Ryan Harris said...

We had some really fun times when we were younger! Sorry I wouldn't let you play Little Mermaid...if I could do it again I'd let you play with me everyday-but hey you did stab me in the cheek with a fork, I guess it was my way to pay back. hahaha...just kidding. I love you. Your blog is so fun to read!

{lizzyinlove} said...

oh my heck. i'll have to come back to this when i have more time! but right now i'm busy creating your new blog-look. it's going to be fab.

Trent and Amelia said...

lizzyinlove- I am liking the new look. It IS fab!
Aubry- whats up? we need to hang out sometime.

Ryan and Tiffani Harris said...

Hey-I started posting stuff on our blog so check it out! YOu need to keep yours updated too!

McChesney's said...

Okay, that was way too much fun! I learned allot, You must get the candy addiction from your Dad! And I can confirm that you LOVE orange!

Carly said...

Aaauuuubbbrrrryyyy!!!!! So glad you spotted my bloggy. I loved reading all these fun things about you. You are right, you have the best family ever! I miss you guys so much. Next time you are coming up, let me know and we will stop by. I have been meaning to come over for months, but get too busy. I can't believe your dad snuck you to get your ears pierced and told you to cover your ears with your hair. Sneaky devil.