Photoshop Class

One of my classes this semester is Digital Imaging...so i get to learn all about Photoshop and what it can do. This is my first project:)

Our assignment was to use at least 3 picture to convey an emotion. I chose wonderment. I love this girl!!!! (Thanks Dantzel)


Carly said...

Love this Aubry! Did you run an action to get that aged look? Love it!

Andrea and Zach said...

Hey-I saw your blog through Amelia's. Love the pics! What a fun talent!

Nic said...

You really are an amazing photographer! Thanks for contacting me... it took me a minute to remember, but then I saw your picture and it all came back. Brett remembered instantly your whole family. He said, "remember the Dad was with CES and all those pretty daughters":) My blog is now open to all readers.
Keep up with the photography, my best friend does portrait work... most of the family pics on my blog have been taken by her. What a great talent to have!