What is "Fine Art" Photography

I have been searching for a great deal of time. There are truly amazing photographers out there. I am humbled by their skills and abilities to see the beauty in everything. I am also awed by their creativity and dedication to the art. I know that many photographers dedicate their time, and sometimes even lives, to photograph wars, poverty, and horrible circumstances. But, it is through them that we are able to see and feel what others are feeling.

The following is my idea of fine art photography and why.

Fall Reflections

Peter Lik: A short time ago I was trying to figure out what intrigued me about certain photographs. I wanted to be able to not only recognize what I admired, but I wanted to be able to try and capture and use those aspects in my own photographs. While searching I found Peter Lik, a not so well known photographer. He started doing landscape photography in Australia and has since captured many images worldwide. Landscapes are my favorite thing to photograph. When i ran into his work I was in complete awe and all I could say was "This is what i want to do". He has captured the most vibrant and beautiful images I have ever seen. He has changed my outlook and perspective for the better as far as what can be accomplished. Whether pictures of trees, plants, water, or snowy landscapes, his pictures contain brilliant color yet are very elegant, leaving one breathless. He has mastered the use of light, reflection, composition, and expression.

Glided Forest: The color scheme and use of light and shadows are amazing in this photo. The composition really attracts you to the image. I love how the trees bring in darker color causing the forest floor to radiate. It creates such a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Bamboo: The contrast is awesome! I think the angle of the photograph was great. Any other angle wouldn't have given this sort of feel or image. I love the clarity and peaceful beauty it expresses.

October: The depth of field and lighting in this image is perfect. I love how he has the warm vibrant colors up front and the cool unfocused colors behind.

Enchanted Forest: Peter's use of light here is exquisite. This is one of my favorite photographs. I love how he captured the sun beams beating through the tree tops. It gives this forest a magical feel.

Ansel Adams: He is a true master in the art of black and white photography. He has captured some of the most amazing and mind blowing photos I have ever seen. He has the ability to not only see beauty but photograph it in a way that expresses and exemplifies its greatness. He inspires me to see the world from a different angle. All of his photographs have amazing contrast and perfect lighting. He has giving me a love for black and white photography.

Oak Tree, Sunset City

Mirror Lake and Mount Watkins


Dorothea Lang: This is a popular image, but rightfully so. Dorothea wanted to help people during the great depression. This mother during the depression lived in a tent on the side of the road with all her children (where Dorothea saw her). This image not only taught me about the power of photography (f.y.i. this image saved many lives) but the importance of photography. Pictures of nature are wonderful, but so much more can be said and done with a picture of people and their lives.

Migrant Mother

Nick Brandt: Now here is an accomplished photographer. I have never seen another man more mastered in the dark room. Not only does Nick have one-of-a-kind wildlife shots, but his finished product is brilliant. All of his images are unique and original. Nick doesn't use a telephoto lens, but rather, gets up close to these curious animals. He has a great detail and expressions in his photographs. He has realized the perfect conditions and locations for his images and perfected them. His ability to dodge and burn in the darkroom really adds to the feeling and presentation of his images. This is true creativity and originality. I have learned from him to think outside the box and realize that anything is possible.

On This Earth: The composition on this image is wonderful. It amazes me how he was able to get the elephant in its environment with the dust and sand blowing off. Could this be any more life like?
Baboons in Profile: Another great example of lighting and its power. The lighting has given the viewer the opportunity to see the expressions on their faces and feel its power.

Michael Kenna: Last but not least, Michael taught me that simplistic can be beautiful and inspiring. I love the simplicity of his photos. They radiate peace and solitude (not a bad thing). I know how hard it is to get something that isolated and have it be so perfect. He keeps his whites very white and blacks darker. There is the perfect amount of contrast. I love the peace, softness, and elegance of every image he has.

Foggy Morning

Lone Tree

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