Digital Imaging

Our final project in Photoshop is a Jazz poster. I chose to do Duke Ellington. I think I'm pretty much done, but hey if y'all have any ideas for improvement let me know! I am pretty excited about it. I was having an awful time trying to figure out what to do. I know nothing about jazz and was just having a mental block. But, one day i was in class and boom! it all came to me and i just started flying. My teacher said he loved it too, so that's great. Also, this is my last project i did. We had to pick a book from a list of four and design a new book cover for it. I chose to do Lord of the Flies since i had read it in High School and knew more about it then any of the other books, plus I had some ideas. Anyways, so this is what i came up with. I yanked a few of my sister's photos for the project, but hey what can you do! I wasn't to excited about this one either but i think it turned out better then I ever imagined. It could still use a bit of work. I know its a little off, but i was satisfied and had a bit too much to do. So this is what I got. The project before that was an album cover for some band or group. I chose to do the Dixie Chicks because I love them:) I had fun trying to get everything the way I wanted it. I still have a little bit of beef with it, but I loved how it turned out. It took so much more work then I ever thought it would. But, the time was well worth it. It ended up being greater then what I had imagined in my head before starting. I think I have been improving . . .

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