This year for the first time since 2004, I got to spend Easter with my family. Best of all, Tiffani and Dantzel were there too with their kids. It's so much more enjoyable watching little kids be so excited! So, I took a few pictures for fun:) We let them color all the eggs, which they loved. I love being with my family more then anything in the world. And don't get me started on my nieces and nephews...I wish I could keep them all. They are all the cutest things ever. They all love me. (which I would say has a lot to do with the fact that I always have candy and slip them pieces every now and then. They all know that if they ever want sugar, I'm the person to ask. If I don't have it, I know where to find some. For my sisters out there reading, I've gotten better and make sure they ask their parents first . . . most of the time).

Mara loved one of her eggs so much that she insisted on carrying it around with her all day. She colored it bright orange. Unfortunately, by the time she finally handed over the egg there was barely any color left. All that was left was a yucky light brownish. We had to throw that one out. I'm pretty sure that her special egg is in the dye in the picture. (I was happy to get a picture with Mara smiling . . . she is a little stubborn at times and wont play along if she doesn't want to. Luckily I think that she was having so much fun coloring the eggs she didn't mind smiling and taking a few pictures). Mara has a fun little attitude, nothing is ever dull with her around. She says what she is thinking, which sometimes isn't the nicest, but its funny. The other day I was sitting there trying to talk through an issue she was having when after about 2 minutes she said, "I'm mad at you" and walked away. Haha, I have no idea what I did.
Rachel my "little bug" is growing up faster then I can keep up with. I still miss those days freshman year when Amy and I got to babysit her and play with her all the time. But, Rachel is a great big sister, helping Mara if she ever needs it. Mara didn't really want help coloring her eggs, but Rachel offered. Rachel is very good about that. She watches out for Mara and is sure to tell Dantzel (aka "Mommy-O") if she is doing anything "wrong". Rachel is so silly . . . she likes things to be her way at times, and really has a hard time when Mara doesn't want to do something she wants to do, or won't do what Rachel tells her. The cutest thing Rachel does though is give great compliments when least expected. Every so often Rachel would be sitting there, watching TV with me, reading, playing, anything . . . and she would look at me and said, "Aubry, I love you." or "Aubry you are so beautiful" out of the blue. It is the cutest thing ever and always puts a smile on my face. She is so good about complimenting her mother and everyone.

Carson, Carson, Carson. He loved helping color all the eggs, mom even taught him a little somethin somethin about putting rubber bands on the egg to make designs. He was very good at being careful and not plopping the eggs into the dye. I think having a boy to play with was fun for the girls. It is so fun to have a boy around who wants to do all the fun sports stuff. I say this because for Easter, the bunny brought Carson a baseball bat and balls. Boy did he LOVE that. I was interested to see how long it would take for him to hit the balls. To my surprise (well kind of, he is pretty much a natural when it comes to sports) he was awesome! He missed the first couple, then hit almost everyone. And I'm not talking about just tappin' that ball. He even managed to cause a few welts with his awesome skills. (Poor Rachel and Tiffani got nailed in the arm) I think if someone would throw him the ball all day, he would stand there and play 24/7. Grandpa was normally the pitcher of choice. (FYI...if you look close on their arms in the picture you can see the welts that Carson left)

It is a tradition in our family that the Easter bunny comes Friday night (the Saturday before Easter). He hides our baskets anywhere in the house, but of course tells my parents so they can help if necessary. Haha. The plastic and real eggs also get hidden inside and possible outside depending on the weather. (I don't think he has been able to do that since we lived in Florida.) Here is a picture of Easter morning after all the kids found their Easter baskets and the eggs that the bunny hid for them. It took me longer then anyone to find mine. My dad had to pretty much tell me where it was. It was pathetic, he even played the hott and cold game with me to help me out, and I recruited Lindsey. They were all pretty excited about their candy. It was difficult to get a good picture with all of them looking. But hey, 1.5 out of 3 ain't bad. I must have just missed Rachel, she couldn't help but look at her cool candies. I got tons of candy and a sweet shirt from the good old Bunny. I love it! And . . . I almost forgot to include the cute Easter dresses that the girls got and of course Carson in his stud outfit for church. I LOVE THEM!

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