Last Wednesday (March 26th) my sister, Dantzel, was heading back to Colorado to get ready to move to California, and I ended up going with her to help her with the girls during the drive. I had so much fun staying with them for 5 days before coming back. I spent most of the time at the apartment taking care of the girls and giving Dantzel a break and some freedom to run the errands that she needed to. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the girls love to play dress up. Everyday they would wake me up with some princess dress on, including jewelry and a crown. And with no exaggeration here . . . they wore them all day. Of course they changed 10 times at least . . . but they were always princesses. This picture is of the girls and I playing Dora the Explorer Candy Land. It was pretty fun (though I will say Rachel did cheat a little bit).

We did get to go out for a little bit though:) We hit up Red Robin for a nice dinner on Saturday. It was lots of fun. The girls really wanted to go there because they get free balloons . . . and who doesn't want that. They both got pink balloons (their favorite color) and shared a yummy corn dog and fries. I love their crispy chicken burger . . . it is so delicious. YUM! Anyways, I had a great time being with the girls and hanging out with Dantzel (we read New Moon together). All in all, a wonderful trip!

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Andrea and Zach said...

What a good Aunt you are! I'm glad you had fun! If you miss babies you can always babysit Anistyn! HA!