She's here...

Haven Elizabeth Anderson
So, Liz had her baby a few days ago. May 21st to be exact. I got to go and see her a few hours after (I got to watch Nash while all the family went to watch the C-section. Side note, Nash is so adorable. He was so awesome for me. I thought he would freak out when he realized it wasn't his mother getting him out of bed. But, he didn't. He was so good!) Anyways, back to Haven...she is so cute! Normally newborns aren't the cutest things in the world...but wait till you see Haven. Love her!

Here is the mother of two. Liz you are so lucky to have 2 of the cutest children ever! Not the best picture of Liz (but still good). But hey...she just had a baby!

Here is Auntie Em...how cute:)

And here is....Auntie (?) Aubry. Notice the huge red mark below my lips...yeah not so cute. It isn't a zit, but it must be infected somehow. It hurts.

This one is my favorite.

Haven, holding on to her Auntie Em's finger:) She's her favorite Aunt already!

I just want to hug her. She was so content and cheerful. Though she slept a lot, I never saw her cry.

Cute as a button!

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