Liberty Park

Emilie and I went up to Salt Lake to see Liz and her family. (Emilie's parents were also in town to help out Liz, so I got to meet them.) During our visit, we decided to take Nash to the park. It was a beautiful day. We had a great time feeding the ducks and playing with Nash.

Nash loved walking along the ledge. He was a bit skeptical at first when Emilie showed him what to do, but after he figured it out, he loved it!

Still loving it.

Mid-walk, Nash decided that he wanted to hold on to my finger. What a cutie!

Playing in the grass. He loved the pine cones and holes in the ground.

I love this one. Cute Auntie Em.

Sweet picture of a duck.

Nash thought it was hilarious when the ducks flapped their wings.

And he loved my drink...Gatorade...yum!

Big Gulps huh...nice...Well, see ya later.

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Tiffani said...

cute photos! I love the shirt you are wearing-it is really cute! I miss you! I look at these things on your blog about hangin out with Nash and Liz and wish it were Carson and I...someday! We'll have to live close to each other so we can hang out all day with our children while our husbands work-sound like a plan?