Vote for David Archuleta!!

Oh my heck! (you have to say that with the Utahan accent and maybe a Cali girl voice to get it correct) I got to see David Archuleta! So, on Friday Emilie and I drove to Salt Lake, picked up Liz and Nash and headed over to Murray High School to see David. It was his "hometown visit" so we got to see him close up and hear him sing live. We were also there for the famous letter from Paula telling him what song he will be singing on Tuesday. It was so cool! I know it's a little lame...there were all these 15-year-olds and us. (But honestly, in our defense there were tons of people there of all ages, and there were even 2 guys who got out of their car in front of us while we were parking who were like 30 and came alone.) Anyways, i got a sweet video so i thought i would post that and some pictures. It rocked! It's the closest I've ever been to a celebrity. It just made me love him more. He is such a cute and humble guy!
A little pre excitement. (Sorry Emilie and Liz, i know you both probably think this picture is sick) But no one really looks at my blog anyways, and hey it's a joke right!? I think it's sweet. Liz, about to pop, waiting to see David Archuleta. It's too bad that you didn't go into labor, that would have been an awesome story to tell Haven when she gets older.
David Archuleta himself, up close and personal. I tried to get Emilie in the picture in the crowd...but everyone was all over the place. Cops were surrounding the car. It was hard enough to get a good picture with him in it this close. I think his head is blocking her, sorry Emilie.
Here is Emilie and Nash. I love this picture. There were tons of people there...the stands where packed and the football field was covered as well.
Here is my sweet video, comentary and all..

Last but not least, i thought it important to include these fans in my blog...
A pleasant surprise! Emilie and I spotted these boys standing outside the gate. I guess they didn't think it was quite ok to come in...but probably ok if they just watched. HA. I thought it was awesome. And hey in my opinion, if you are sent to Utah on a mission, and something this cool happens...I think it's only fair to get to be there.
Everyone VOTE FOR DAVID!!!

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