Just Shoot Me...

Alright, I have reached my limit. So, I was asked to get a new job for the summer from my last employer in April. (They only wanted one secretary since the summer months are slow.) I interviewed with over 20 companies, but everyone wanted me to commit to working full time during the school year. Unfortunately, that isn't something I want to do. So I was turned down time and time again. When I started my search, the last thing I wanted to do was data entry. But, when I saw the posting for an "Auditing Position" I thought...why not apply. So I did. I finally got a job offer at this company. It was data entry and NOTHING like I expected.

This has been the worst work experience ever. Let me just make a list of the things I have had to deal with while working here this past month and a half.

1. My first 3 days I worked at the boss of my departments’ house. That’s right...there were 10 people cramped into a little room with not enough computers. (they were in between buildings)

2. We finally got into our new building. For the first week I came into work, it took over an hour each day to get a new computer set up and working so that I could use it.

3. About a week into it, we were all asked to turn off our monitors and get out of the building. We were asked to pretend to clean and act like we weren’t working there. The health inspector was coming and we weren’t supposed to be working in the building yet (it wasn’t up to code)

4. Last Friday we came in to find that the whole building smelled like those huge fat permanent markers...it was awful! I had the biggest head ache. To make things better...they couldn’t find out where it was coming from and we are still working in the smell.

5. To make things better, the night crew which is supposed to input all of the data didn’t do their job because of the smell...so we were forced to work through it and make up for it all.

6. To top the previous...our boss came back from vacation today to find the smell that we had been dealing with. He left after being here for only a few hours saying he "couldn’t take it". But do we have a choice?!? I think not.

7. A few of my co-workers and I work hard to get things done everyday (and occasionally get revoked for taking a minute to look on facebook or something). Meanwhile our boss is on jokes.com and our supervisors are reading articles or actually devoting their time to facebook. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?

8. To top it all off...we were out of power for over 3 days. We had to work in the dark with only one generator light. Headaches all around.

As you can see...its been a disaster. I can’t tell you how many things have gone wrong here. Those are just some examples of the crap that I have to deal with here. I don’t know how people can work here. Come the end of summer...I’m out.


Trent and Amelia said...

Oh my goodness Aubry!! That sounds horrible. At least you know there is only 2 months to go. Where is this place anyway?

Lauren said...

This doesnt sound legal! What is this Company???