Halli Amber Harris

Babies all around... Before 8:15 am on June 10th all three of my older sisters were pregnant. Tiffani, due with a girl on June 13th; Jessica, due with a boy in October; and Dantzel just found out that she was about a month along (We still won't know for a bit what the baby is...but it is due the beginning of February). But, now we are down to two.

Tiffani and Ryan had their baby last Tuesday. Everything went great, and Carson LOVES being a big brother. I got the cutest call from him that morning...I missed the phone call, but i got a voicemail from Carson that said "Hi Aubry. I have a baby sister! Call me!" It was the cutest thing in the world. I hear that he loves having her and is the cutest/best big brother.

I will admit, I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to be there. Before they moved to Kansas, I was really excited about being so close that Tiffani could call me when she went into labor and i could have made it for the event. But, things didn't work out as planned. My mom was able to be there though...so that's good enough:) I'm glad that she was there to help take care of Carson so Ryan could be with Tiffani. Congrats Harris family. She is a cutie!

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Harris Family said...

My face looks so chubby in that photo-I swear i don't really look like that! I was just exhausted from all the work. Anyways...sorry again you couldn't be there for the event. If it makes you feel any better I don't know that you would have made it up to Rexburg anyway...I was in labor for only 3 hours so you would have had to really speed to get there. Thanks for the post about us though-you are so great. I can't wait to see you in 4 and a half weeks! Love you baby