My Sister the Singer.

My little sister Lindsey randomly texted me a few weeks ago and said, "Hey can I borrow your AF jeans and your black skirt." A little interested, I said yes of course, but asked her, "what for?". She replied, "I’m in a band". A bit shocked, I replied, "What do you play?" (I know she can play the flute…but, in a band?!?) She then went on to tell me that she is now singing in a band with a few of her guy friends. I had to see this! (I have never really seen Lindsey sing alone in front of people...I don't have the guts to do that, so props to her!) I was going to make a special trip up just to see her, but timing was perfect.

I happened to be going home for the Father’s Day weekend and was able to go to Lindsey's first gig.
It was pretty sweet. :) Michael, my Dad, and I only stayed long enough to watch 300 West (that’s their band name) then hit the road (a bit weary of the bands to follow). It was fun to see Lindsey perform and I was awestruck by her skills :) Congratulation Lindsey. You did a great job, YOU ROCK MY WORLD! And sweet shoes! (I really liked the shoe picture with the Fender...I just had to post that one.)

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Harris Family said...

Where does she find all the cute shoes? Seriously...I they seem to be hiding from me.