For those of you who don't know, I live in a sweet duplex by 24-hour fitness. Emilie and I have been living there since last August. We love it. It is 3 stories, has a garage, is nicely furnished, and in great shape. The only downfall to our "humble abode" is the "crazy house" next door. Our landlord owns both sides of the duplex, but can't seem to find good tenants for the other side. It seems she doesn't care who lives there as long as they pay the rent. Last year it was boys...and wow do i have stories. But, within the past month she has switched it over to girls. I haven't met anyone who lives there yet, or even seen the girl who supposedly lives there, but i have seen her car and many others.

Last night around 1am I was awoken by some loud voices. At first I thought that it was my roommates downstairs, deciding to watch a movie. I laid back down and closed my eyes. I tried to block out the loud voices. But, I soon realized that they were not coming from downstairs, they were coming from the other side of my wall. (I live on the 3rd story) And these people weren't just talking loud or yelling, they were screaming at one another. I was somewhat distraught from just waking up, and stood in the middle of my room motionless trying to figure out what was happening. After about 3 minutes of hearing them yell and scream (dropping the F word over and over, and swearing like crazy. Oh and I think I even heard an "I love you" yelled at the top of someones lungs in the mix) I quickly ran downstairs. I found my roommates from the middle level awake. We talked for a second about what to do...but it was quickly decided that we should call the police. So, I called them. While we waited for their arrival the screaming continued. The three of us were peaking out of our blinds trying to see if we could figure out what was going on. While waiting for the police, one girl came out of the house, jumped into her huge truck and sped off. About 5 minutes later, another girl came out, got in her car, and left. The screaming continued. About 5 minutes later a heavy set guy came out, just as the Police arrive. We waited to see if anything happened...but we couldn't see anyone. After about 10 minutes we saw the guy get into his car and the Police leave. Will this charade ever end!? I think that side is cursed.

And that was just icing on the cake. Also yesterday, around 8pm we went outside to find a fire truck, ambulance, and a few police cars in front of our house. Apparently they put on these suits and went inside our neighbors house, picked up a package, and put it in some truck. What are people sending anthrax again? Our neighborhood is crazy!

Oh and FYI, here are some things we have dealt with next door:
1. Caught a guy who was beating and forcing his girlfriend to do things for him.
2. Had the police over on a tri-weekly basis.
3. Had a drunk guy beat down the door (to his own house...he locked himself out).
4. Had a guy arrested for who knows what. He had been living there for about 2 weeks. I came home one day to find him in handcuffs being put into the back of the police car...never to return.
5. Had a guy nicknamed "Ninja" who was black, wore all black, and wouldn't talk to anyone. He would also call the police if his roommates were ever too loud or had their music louder than he desired.
6. Had a guy with kids which would roam the streets, come to our house, and just do whatever while their dad slept. (the 6-year-old girl once came over at like 10pm and wanted to join in our movie watching...she said her dad was sleeping and didn't care where they went)
7. We had a Haitian guy living there, who was the nicest person in the world...but couldn't speak a lot of English. On a few occasions Ninja would randomly bust into his room and take pictures of him. He would be huddled in the corner scared out of his mind. He got out of there as soon as he could.

That's all i can remember right now, but check back later for more!


Lauren said...

I have had the same problem but alternating sides!!!!! I think we have a "Lady of the Night" next door to us now~YUCK! You are so funny! Keep us posted!You cant get this kind of entertainment on TV!

Lauren Scott

Harris Family said...

You have the craziest stories about your neighbors! It is kinda funny though-mostly because it's not me going through the crazy shananigans! I love hearing what happens over there though!