Count your many blessings...

Yesterday, I was stressing out a bit because of money. I owed my credit card $110 from over the last month and have been on edge about things. I can't even afford gas till Friday. Today at work I got online to see how much I needed for my credit card bill. To my surprise...there was extra money. My mom hand deposited some money to help me with gas. Could that have come at a better time, I think not!

My family is the best! In the past two months all of my siblings have helped me out so much! (I don't think they individually know that they all have helped.) Be it money, cards, gifts, or support, they have all done things for me. I can't express how thankful I am. I feel like I don’t deserve everything I have been given. And to make things better, they all came at the perfect time. Money came when I needed it the most, cards and phone calls when I needed a little something to make me feel better. I LOVE MY FAMILY. They are so loving and supportive of me. I have never felt more blessed and looked after. Thanks Rhet, Jess, Dantzel, Adam, Tiffani, Ryan, Mom, Dad, Lindsey, and Ryan!

Then to make things even better...in the course of writing this p
ost, I just received flowers from Michael at work! He is the best! It was pretty funny. The girl at the front desk brought them in and was like, "Awww, he is the cutest boyfriend ever!" and another girl was like, "I have never actually seen that happen! I have seen people get flowers at work in movies and such, but never in person!" So, to Michael: thanks babe you’re the best! I love them!

And the blessings continue... Other blessings:
1. Emilie found an awesome apartment for us to move into. There are only three people in the house. We all have our own rooms and bathrooms! And it is the cheapest rent around! We are so lucky! Thanks Naomi and Rachel. (Naomi is Emilie’s sister-in-law)
2. I just got a raise at work and now make $10 an hour.
3. My dad paid for me to get two new tires when I got a nail through one and the other needed to go.
4. My parents bought me a plane ticket to go see my brother Rhet and his family with them in Georgia. YEAH! I leave on Monday for 2 weeks!
5. My sister graduated and is coming down to BYU.
6. I am going to Michigan with Michael in August. I’m so excited. I love Michigan!
7. My brother and sister-in-law are getting me a Nikon D300 for photography! What a brother right!?! Now I can actually make money from taking pictures! (and pay them back one day) I can’t wait!
8. My sister had her baby, Halli, and is going to be visiting in July for a bit. I love it when I get to see my siblings.
9. My sister Dantzel and her husband set me money.
10. My sister Tiffani and her husband set me money.
11. I got a free membership to 24-hour fitness (which was much needed because I have been gaining weight)

And more… I can’t be thankful enough.
(and about the picture...I know random...but I needed something!)


Carly said...

I would have to second that, you do have the BEST family around. Love 'em (and you)

Emilie May Martin said...

how'd you get a free membership??? awesome.

gwen said...

Glad to hear all this great news. And, I think I need to hear more about "Michael"! Is he a Michigander??? Hope all continues to go great for you!

Harris Family said...

I didn't know you were going to Michigan next month...and with Michael! Fun! You are having an awesome summer!! Love you baby