Baby Addison!

Yesterday, I got to hang out with my old roomie Keri! We don’t get to see each other that much so it was nice to catch up. While catching up, I got to hold Keri’s cute new baby, Addison! She is so tiny! Keri had her about 3 weeks ago. Addison hasn’t made “the blog” yet, so I made sure to take pictures this time. (I went to the hospital to see her, but forgot to take my camera…and I went to see her when Keri was home from the hospital, but forgot again. This time was a success!) Anyways, we had a fun evening together. We talked for a bit while Jon washed Keri’s car for her, went for a nice walk to Blockbuster to rent 10,000 BC, then came home and ordered Pizza.

When we got back from Blockbuster Emile came over and Jon was finished, so we all got to sit down and watch the movie. I will admit I feel asleep half way through…in my defense, it was a long day and we didn’t start the movie will after 11. But from what I saw it was good :) It was fun to see Addison awake, to hold her, and to feed her. (Though I could have done without the spit up all over my shirt, but hey…what can you expect) Anyways, Congratulations Keri! If you ever need some help I’m there.

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