Yesterday, my Dad, Mom, and I woke up at 4:30 to head to the airport to fly to Atlanta. After much flying and driving, we arrived at my brother’s house in Augusta, GA around 5:15pm. Luckily, I was so tired from the night before that I slept for the entire plane and car ride.

We had an awesome welcoming party as we drove up the drive way! After chatting and dinner, my brother gave me a present...my Nikon D300!!!!! It's awesome! I haven't figured everything out yet, but for hours last night my brother and I played with our new cameras. (He got the Canon XSi for dental stuff.) After it was all said and done, we have macro pictures of our eyes (which by the way are sweet! You can see all the wisps in our eyes...I think we are going to make a cool Photoshop picture with all the colors mixed) and close up pictures of fruits and vegetables. (We are creating a game for the family..."What is it?") I had the best time just playing around and staying up late with my brother talking and exploring what our cameras can do.

This morning I got to wake up to Lexi, Daisy, and Ben on top of me. What’s better then that? For our outing today, we took them to the Dentist Office while Jessica met Rhet for a luncheon thing. It was fun (as seen in pictures). To top it all off, we went to McDonald for lunch and to play. When we got home, they all helped Grandma make cinnamon rolls and Jessica make dinner. They are such great helpers.

They are so fun! I love being here with my family. I don’t get to see Rhet's family often so it has been, and will be, great to be here till the 10th. More to come...

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