Alexis and Daisy are on a YMCA T-ball team. They have had games throughout the summer. Luckily, we got to go to their last game on Monday. It was fun to see all the kids try to play. It was pretty funny to see 8 of them all running after the same ball. Cute! They also got their medals after the game. It was fun to be able to be there. They are so cute!

Daisy in the outfield.

Alexis up to bat.

Jessica trying to get a good picture with Ben. HA:) He was being a stinker.

Daisy up to bat.

Alexis giving Dad a high-five after running to 3rd.

Ryan was entertaining Ben during the game.

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Harris Family said...

these are such good photos! I'm excited to get to "play" with your camera. I love these action shots they are the best.