Family Fun on Pioneer Day!

Tiffani, Carson and Halli came to visit on Tuesday. I had to work so I wasn't able to go see them when they got in. But, I was lucky enough to have Thursday off (thanks to the Utah Pioneer Day celebration) so I drove up Wednesday night and spent the holiday with them. (I drove back to Provo for work on Friday then back up to Syracuse with Michael that evening for the weekend.)

For Pioneer Day, we had an interesting time going to the Ogden parade. Parades aren’t what they used to be. I was really bummed out. It was actually a boring parade. No candy! Come on! We thought that Carson would love it, but all he thought was cool were the horses. Good thing we brought "Snaps" and "Snakes" to keep him entertained. (The "firework" things.) The parade was a dud...it consisted of: every school in the area, (their student counsel, band, cheerleaders, and dance team), the Ogden city counsel, every police officer in the area, the local missionaries (yes, the Area President even got to ride in a nice car for the parade), the 4 prize winning floats, the local service men (Army, Navy, Military, etc...), and the creepiest thing of all...a huge Obama. The military officers and such were cool and nice to have (a classic parade thing) but come on! It was so lame and boring...I don’t get why people go to those things anymore. I don’t think you will be seeing me at one ever again. BRING BACK THE FUN FLOATS AND CANDY! It was fun to be with my Dad, Carson, Halli and Tiffani though. The highlight of the parade was when Carson said, “I smell something. Mom…I think I smell business.” (Carson’s word for poop…the horse’s had littered the street with their “business”.) Luckily after about an hour and a half, Carson said "Lets go back to Grandma's" and we left early…there was still no end in sight.

After Carson’s nap, my mom, Grandma Hansen, Carson and I went out to the farm. (Grandma was staying with the family for a few days and wanted to go get some things.) Mom wanted Carson to see the farm so I was recruited to take him around. It was fun till I fell through a hole in the floor (I guess my uncle was fixing some plumbing and wasn’t finished. So he put wood planks over it till he could come back to it.) I came out of there with a huge goose egg on my head and a few bruises. But my mom was right, Carson loved playing with the Chicks and throwing rocks in the "pond". I even took him for a little ride on the 4-wheeler. I love this kid!

Carson hoping to playing with the irrigation water. He was a bit excited when he saw the huge hose.

On the road by the shed.

Playing in the "pond".

Carson on Grandpa's chair.


Harris Family said...

Holy Crap I miss my boy!! I want my family back!

Tiffani said...

I just can't get over how great these photos are-you just have a skill to capture the right moments! Thanks for taking all these photos! Love you