Random but...

I wish I had Photoshop so that I could do some fun things with my pictures. But alas, I dont. But don't fret, it's coming soon!

I can't wait to: (in no particular order)
1. Go to Michigan on the 14th with Michael.
2. Get my new Mac laptop.
3. Start school. (I love my classes)
4. Get Photoshop.
5. Start taking pictures for money.
6. Have Lindsey move down to Provo.
7. Move into my new condo with Emilie.
8. Go to my family reunion. (Tiffani gets to be there!)


Trent and Amelia said...

That all sounds so exciting! It was good to see you last night and catch up a little bit. Glad everything is going well with you :)

Michael said...

WOHOO! We're going back to the mitten babe!!! I think i'm a little too excited for this trip