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YMCA pool
The past two days have been pretty fun. On Wednesday we went to the YMCA to go swimming in their pool. It was packed! (I guess it is the only family pool around here so EVERYONE and their grandma go there.) But, it was still fun. I got to go around with Lexi, Daisy and Benjamin to the different pools. Lexi can already swim by herself just fine. Daisy can swim too, but likes to hold on to the edge then swim out to you and back. She isn't quite good enough to just fly solo everywhere. Ben, well he's just a little guy. He enjoyed hanging on to me or Grandma and just chillin' in the pool. Jessica joined us in the inside pool for awhile. Grandpa stayed outside and relaxed the whole time. I don’t think he got wet.

They had a little water shooting part for the kids to run around in. Ben doesn't like all the noise apparently:)

This is Ben in the little pool. (I think it only gets 2 feet deep) This was the only pool he could go in without being held.

Lexi Loo...I think it's a bit cold.

Daisy and her Grandpa :) How cute! (Daisy has always been a Grandpa's girl since the moment she was born.)

Lexi, Ben and Daisy.

Yesterday, Thursday, I did a bit of shopping with my Mom and Benjamin in the morning. Around 3:30, my mom, dad, Rhet and I headed out to Atlanta (a 2.25 hour drive) to pick up Ryan from the airport. About half way there Ryan called to report that he had missed his flight. We were all planning on going to a Braves game, but that wasn't going to work since Ryan would be getting in about 45 minutes after the game started. So, my mom ended up dropped off my dad, Rhet and I at the stadium, then going to get Ryan while we enjoyed the game. It was fun to be able to spend some time with only my dad and Rhet. That hasn't happened in a long time. I loved it. We didn’t get to stay for the entire game, but it was still fun. (The Braves were losing by 4 in the 7th inning so it wasn't a big deal) We finished off the night by having Chick-fil-A for dinner and driving the hours back to Augusta.

The game.

The field.

THE hat.

The Crew.

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Harris Family said...

I think you guys are having too much fun. I want to go to the water park, but I don't fit in my swimsuit-well maybe I do, but I don't want to be seen in it! I don't even want to see myself in it...maybe after a couple more weeks at the gym!