I'm in Michigan!

We are here! Michael and I left Utah around 1:30 yesterday and had quite the flight. All I wished when we started boarding was, please not the last seats in the plane. (You know the ones that won't recline and are back by the bathrooms and you are stuck in the corner.) Well guess what, that's exactly what we got. We were on this super ghetto plane and right next to the propeller. It’s a good thing I got a window seat...NOT; you couldn't see anything except the side of the propeller thing. It was so loud the entire flight!

All in all though, we were lucky. Our seats did recline and the people in front of us never reclined their seats. So due to some great luck, we got sweet reclining seats, leg room, our drinks first, and a short trip to the bathroom if necessary. We even stopped in Dallas and got to stayed on the plane. Michael and I used that time to lie across all the seats and stretch. It was nice not to have to unload and load all over again. The best part of all, the flights seemed super short! That never happens for me. Even with the propeller booming in my ear I was able to take a nap and have fun with Michael.

So, Michigan we are here. I can't wait for all the fun ahead. Tonight we are all going to the Tigers game. I have never been (I know sad considering I have lived her since 2000). GO TIGERS!

*Oh, and i forgot my sweet camera so unfortunatly there will be a lack of awesome pictures.


Harris Family said...

Bummer you forgot your camera. That is funny that you were in the very back of the plane. I think I have only been in one of those seats once-definitely not something I want to do everytime. Glad the flights seemed short. You'll have to tell me how the game was!

Jess and Rhet said...

Well, at least there weren't screaming babies on the plane (of course there weren't... WE weren't on it!)