During the last week in July we had our Hansen Family Reunion. It was nice to get to see everyone that came. We had a pretty good turn out. And even though it was in Hanna, UT, (the middle of no where) we still had fun. We got to ride horses, go boating on a little pond, swim, throw rocks, play cards, the list goes on.

I took tons of pictures. Unfortunately, you can only put 50 in a slide show . . . so sorry about that. Hopefully one day I will get them all in the same place so you can all see them.

Note to family: I am working on the family picture. I wanted to Photoshop David's family in, but don't have access to the program at this time. (I will when I start school) So that will be coming!

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Kate said...

It was really fun to see you! Thanks for taking pictures! You have a great talent!