The Weekend...

Last Friday (the 15th) I got to go to my first Tigers game. Michael's parents knew that I hadn't been so we all went to a game. Unfortunately, if was a pretty bad game. We lost hard core, but it was fun to get to go to the stadium and see the Tigers.

On Saturday (the 16th) I got to have another 1st time experience, the Woodward Dream Cruise. Sadly, even though I am a Michigander I had never heard of it. It was pretty sweet. I guess during the week (but especially on Saturday) people come from all over to drive their sweet cars, both new and classics, down Woodward Ave. It was fun to see all of the awesome cars and have some fun being outside and playing cards.

Sunday dinner with the family. Starting on the left: Becca (sister), Ranell (sister-in-law), Brent (brother), Fara (mom), Michael, Aubry, Kurt (brother), Ben (Kim's boyfriend), Kim (sister), David (dad, taking the picture).


Jess and Rhet said...

Looks like a nice, normal family (ha ha- who's family is normal anyhow?) BUT the big question is...dun dun dun dun
How did Michael treat his Mama?
Let me know.
Oh, and "Hi, Michael- I am Aubry's BIG BROTHER's wife, I have all the right in the world to ask. Nice to meet you."
Just kidding. The baby is kicking me all right, I am a little honary:)

Harris Family said...

Hey baby!! Let me know what you think. I didn't have anything to put up top and I thought it would be fun to do something cute so I put in this picture...it was either this, the one with you and Carson in the swimming pool, or the one of you with the binky in your mouth-I should have done that one! I can change it though if you have something in mind that you want. I figured out how to do it so whatever you want I can do!!! I still have to work on doing something with my header...anyways call me and let me know if you like it or want me to change it! Love you!!! P.S. What do you think Michael?