I'm Engaged!

   I know tons of people already know, but for the sake of blogging I thought I should post this:) If you haven't heard how it all went down . . . read on.  For those who have, well you can at least enjoy the pictures.

   To start, Friday was my 23rd birthday. Michael said he would be busy all morning doing homework, laundry, etc so we planned to get together around 3. Around 2 Michael calls me all upset because he went to a jewelry store to order the ring and they said they couldn't do it exactly how he wanted.  He was mad because they said they would do it about a week ago, "But after talking to the Manager", they said it couldn't be done exactly how he wanted it.  So he was upset and sounded pretty frustrated.  He told me he had a few more things to do, but would be ready in about an hour.

  An hour later, we got together and started the events.  First, Michael took me to the Covey Center of Arts to see a Photography exhibit that they were having.  After that, we went to get a bite to eat (He said dinner was at 7 and it was 3. We both hadn't eaten) We shared a sandwich then went to Goldsmith's to look at rings. 

   Michael said he was tired of not finding the right one so we were going there to find a few then he would go from there.  We were there for over an hour just looking at all the rings.  I found a few that I liked and we discussed how we could change them in little ways to make it what we wanted.  Michael even went as far as asking the guy to get trillions shipped from their NY store so that he could pick one.  He scheduled to come in on Tuesday to have a look.

   After the jewelry store we went to the mall to go shopping for blue heels. (I have been looking for navy heels for a long time . . . still haven't found any.  So if anyone has ideas please let me know!)  After awhile there, we went to our houses and changed into more formal wear.   

   Michael took me to the Chef's Table for dinner.  It is probably the most expensive and nicest place in town.  They had a single rose at all the tables, brought out Sorbet to "cleanse the mouth", put the napkins on your lap for you, the whole sha-bang!  It was the first time I had been in a place that nice.  It was awesome.   We ordered our food (both got tenderloins but different kinds) then Michael game me 4 of my gifts.  He got me clippers and trimmers (so I could cut his hair.  It was a joke) and also got me Friends seasons 1-3.   Now I have the complete set . . . seasons 1-10! Ha.  I love them.  We got our meals and ate.  The tenderloin was so good.  Mine was practically perfect in every way!  It was so soft!  It was well done yet not dry and still oh so tender. Yum Yum!   

   After our meal while we waited for the dessert, Michael gave me is last gift.  He made me a little memory book.  It had pictures of our first date, other dates, fun times, etc . . . the next to past page said, "So I guess there is just one question left..." and on the other page was a picture of him on one knee, in the restaurant, from my exact view, dressed the same and all.  When I was reading the book I didn't really look at the picture I just flipped to see the next page... then it hit me.   I was like, "Hold on a second" and flipped back a page.  By then Michael was on his knee just smiling.  I hugged him and kissed him then started to cry.   It took him a few minutes before he could actually ask.   His eyes got a bit watery as well. (At least that is what he told me . . . my eyes were blurry so I can’t attest to that)  But he asked and of course I said yes!  He got me the most perfect ring every!  I love it!  I cant stop looking at it and smiling. 

   I can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with Michael.  We are perfect for each other.  He is the most thoughtful, considerate, polite, loving, and gentlemanly (is that I word?) person I have ever met.  I love you Michael!  I can’t tell you how much you complete me and make me the happiest person in the world!


JAG said...

Aubry!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!! I'm glad you found a great guy. Married life is great!!

Harris Family said...

I know I have already heard this whole story, but i am crying again because I'm so happy for yall. Remember when you told me in July and I started crying in the car? I'm excited for both of you and can't wait to see you in a couple months. And hey guess what else...we can come to your reception in Michigan as well! We are staying there until the 4th so we'll get to see you again!!! When are you guys going there-do you know yet? We should hang out if you have a day to spare! LOVE YOU

Lauren said...

Aubry....This is so exciting....I am so happy for you, you are going to love married life!!!! Thanks for all the detail...I was crying! Congrats again!!!!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

congratulations!!! em told me the news...but, please don't tell me you fell for the "they can't get the right ring/the right way/in time" story, did you? that's the oldest proposal trick in the book! so when/where are you getting married?

Stacy Taylor said...

i can't find your email address...email me at lizzythebotanist at hotmail dot com

Michael said...

Babe you are the BESTEST! The blog looks great and you truly look amazing. Thanks for the great night and for letting me take you out on your birthday. It was a night to remember and I hope that I'll be able to continue to make you happy. Love ya Michael

Bernice said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU! The best girl for the best guy! WE are so so so excited for you and Michael! Great story of the engagement. I didn't know that Michael was a romantacist. You guys look so happy. Aubry...you will have to keep Michael in line through his life...he may be a tough one to handle!! :) LOL
Best of wishes and we will see you January 2nd in Michigan!

Kate said...

Aubry, I am so excited for you both! You seem made for each other! Congrats!

Alexey said...

Aubrey, never met with you but i just can say Michael is the man! :) You're lucky :) Congratulations! You guys look like a perfect couple!
Michael Jensen, you rock! And you know that! =) I'm excited for you!

Jayna and Michael Smith said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!