Michael's Birthday Bash:)

For Michael's birthday on the 25th, I wanted to surprise him and do something fun. (I would try to top my birthday but I don't think I can top a proposal.)  So, I talked to his friends and we all decided to go to the Jazz vs. Bulls game on the 24th.  I tried to keep it a surprise, but I am not to good at that and well . . . oops.  So, it wasn't much of a surprise, but I think he had a fun time.

The Game

Jazz vs. Bulls (Bulls won by 1 at the buzzer)

Lindsey and Becca

Becca, Michael and Me

For his actual birthday I did surprise him though!  It took everything in me, but I told Michael that I was taking him to lunch, just me and him.  But in reality, his friends were all going to be there.  (I hoped for a big turn out but with the holiday already started it didn't really work out as planned.)   But Kevin, JM, Ezra and Lindsey pulled through and were there:)  It was fun!  We all went to the Indian Palace in Provo (Michael requested something different).  The boys seemed to enjoy it:) 

Birthday Lunch

Lindsey and Kevin at the Indian Palace

JM, Michael and me

After lunch we got everything packed and headed to my parents house:)  They had a little party ready for him . . . balloons everywhere, cake, ice cream . . . It was sweet!

(I can't get my pictures to download off my camera . . . when I get those I will post more.)


Michael said...

you're the best babe! thanks for a super sweet birthday. The blog is looking cute and now all you need to do is update it with the thanksgiving stuff.

Lindsey said...

nice pictures haha :)