Over and Done

Now that classes are over, finals are turned in, and I never have to have Simon (the head of the Photography department at UVU) as a teacher again . . . I can finally relax! I have had a good, yet rough, semester and am so happy to have it out of the way and finished. I had 2 classes with the teacher listed above and he was sure to make our lives miserable. No, he wasn't super hard . . . rather super rude and condescending. But hey that's past and Christmas is here!

For Christmas this year Michael and I are spending a few days with my parents then flying to Michigan to be with his family for Christmas and New Years. This is my first Christmas not with my family. I was a little nervous at first, but I am excited to be part of another family and share in their traditions. My family (Mom, Dad, Lindsey and Ryan) are all going to California to be with my sister Dantzel and her family. I think this is another family first . . . not being home. As for the rest of my siblings, they are all with their in-laws. (Luckily for me Tiffani's are in Michigan so I will get to see her family! YEAH!)

Well, it's game time here at the Tucker house. I will keep you posted!

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