Thanksgiving Surprise

(I know this should have been posted a month ago . . . but I've been busy!) My Thanksgiving plan was to leave for my parents on the night of the 25th (Michael's birthday), or the morning of the 26th. Lindsey and Michael were coming and we were giving Becca (Michael's sister) a ride, so we were trying to figure out the best time for everyone to leave. But on Monday afternoon, I got a call from my mom asking me when we were planning on coming and if we could come any sooner. All she said was that she, "has a surprise for me." For those of you who know my mom, she is naturally a happy person. But, on the phone she was VERY happy. I knew this meant only one thing . . . someone came!

I was so excited I couldn't wait to leave. I talked to everyone and tried to get us there as soon as possible. We ended up leaving around 3 on Tuesday. My instructions were to call my mom when we got off the exit so that she could get ready . . . so we did. The entire day I kept thinking about all of the possibilities . . . Rhet: No, too expensive . . . but then again he is one who is known for surprise visits. Dantzel: Couldn't be . . . my parents are going their for Christmas and their is no way Adam got out early. Tiffani: Not likely, she was just out here during the summer and I just talked to her on Sunday and was told their Thanksgiving plans. WHO COULD IT BE?!? I didn't think any of the above was likely and decided that I had just worked myself up. It was probably no one and now I was going to be sad at whatever the surprise was because I had built it up for a day. When we drove up everything seemed normal. When I tried to open the front door my dad popped his head out and said, "go through the garage." WHAT COULD IT BE!?! We all hurried through the garage and opened the door. The house was decorated with balloons and birthday decor. My initial though was, "Oh! A little party for Michael, cute!" . . . AND THEN . . . Carson came running out from behind the counter and Tiffani, Ryan and Halli popped up! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited! Carson ran to me and gave me his famous "anaconda squeeze." I was soooo happy!

Fall Fun

(the new and improved . . .) HAPPY HALLI!

After the excitement calmed down and we all hugged, we had a little birthday for Michael. It was great! We had a fun week together: dinner with the Tucker's for Thanksgiving, shopping on Black Friday, lots of pictures (I had to work on my finals), games, visiting Dad at work, playing in the leaves . . . the list goes on!

Playing a little cards.

At the other end of the table we have . . . KING Tiffani and QUEEN Michael

I think he ate a little too much Turkey!

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Tiffani said...

I think you meant to say "at the other end of the table we had KING Tiffani, and QUEEN Michael!"