It had been a while since I posted, so I thought it was time to catch up.

Things are back to "normal" and we are back into our routine. I got a new job and have been working full time plus part time at the tanning bed. But, good news for me, I gave my two weeks last night at the tanning bed so I will be back to only one job. (It will be so nice not to have to juggle schedules and work for practically pennies.) As for my new job, I am enjoying it so far. We are a small company (small as in employees) that does title searches on properties that people are trying to sell or buy. There is a LOT I am learning, but I enjoy having a variety of things to do. Yes, essentially the searches are the same, but every property is different so it keeps me from doing mindless work. It takes a lot of knowledge and thinking, which I enjoy.

I am having a bit of a hard time not going to school this semester. I finally made friends at UVU (good friends) and I miss being able to see them everyday and learn together. I also miss having time to take pictures and work on my skills. I am excited to have all my evenings available (though I have lots to plan for my wedding!) I am currently working on getting my portfolio ready to apply to the BYU photography program. I am meeting with one of the professors next week to go over it and get his advice. Hopefully I will get in and be able to finish there. We will see. Either way I really miss my friends and going to school. I think I improved the most last semester in my photography and learned so much. (see tuckerphotography2.blogspot.com for some of my work) I know I can read books and learn on my own, but I really enjoy the classroom environment and having teachers and students assess my work. (Thanks Travis, Petra, Jackie and everyone else for your help!)

What else . . . oh of course, the wedding. Michael and I (and Lindsey) were able to go to my parent’s house for the MLK weekend. Oh! On the way home we stopped by the Thanksgiving Point Bridal Fair and guess what . . . we won two more prizes (see previous post if you don’t know what I mean by MORE) While Lindsey and I were getting our hair did, Michael won us a free 24x36 enlargement. (I think that was the size) and later Lindsey won us a free cake! (Not big enough for a wedding cake, but still a delicious cake.) It was sweet! We spent the weekend planning for the wedding and playing games. It’s going to be great! I don’t think I posted on here so for those of you who haven't heard . . . Michael and I picked April 25th! (The perfect date! Name that movie.) We are getting married in the Salt Lake temple around noon. We will be having a reception that evening in my parent’s backyard, if weather permits, from 5:30 - 7:30. Then two weeks later (on the 8th or 9th) we will have an Open House in Michigan. We hope everyone can come, we are so excited!

That’s about all the news I have so far . . .


Harris Family said...

You didn't tell me you won more stuff...lucky! Did you win getting your hair done or was that just something free that was happening? That will be so sweet to get a huge photo of you guys. I've always wanted a really big one of us, but they cost too much! Maybe someday-hey you could tell Ryan I want one then maybe someday he'll get me one as a surprise. Anyways! Hope things are good for you. Do you like the new background?

Johnson Family said...

I'm glad things are working out and it's good to hear about the wedding plans. We are excited for you both!!

Good luck with everything!

Trent and Amelia said...

Congrats on picking the date! and it seems like you told me about that line from the movie, was it in miss congeniality?

Trent and Amelia said...

yes yes yes, lets hang out soon. Maybe I should come visit you at work, then i have an excuse to go tanning :) seriously, let me know when you are working. and yes school is crazy right now for us both, but we would love to hang out with yall sometime. I bet yall are pretty busy too with all the wedding planning, work, school etc. how is the new job coming?