Growing Up . . .

Throughout High School and for the past 2 years of college, I am blessed to have parents who got me a car to use. But as the wedding draws nearer, Michael and I have realized that that luxury is coming to an end. (As are many other luxuries like not having to pay for auto and health insurance.)

For the past few months Michael has been researching and looking into buying a car, getting a loan and picking an insurance agency. He has spend a lot if time reading and talking to his friends and family with the hope of finding us the best car. We really want a car that is going to last a long time and won't give us much grief. (I was there to give my opinion here and there, but lets be honest . . . Michael did all of the work.)
After much searching and test driving, we found our beauty! As of Tuesday, Michael and I are the happy owners of a Silver 2002 Honda Accord. We are so excited! This is a better car then we planned for. It was even a little below our price range! Best of all, it is in the best condition of any car we have seen. The past owner took such great care of the car. A few of the features: it's a manual, has tinted windows, leather seats, 6 change DVD player (Though I think IPODs have taken over that area.) and brand new tires. We love it!


Trent and Amelia said...

wow that sounds nice- i can't wait to check it out

Jessica Parnell Tucker said...

You guys are so funny. You have joint accounts, a joint car- forget all the comments about the first year being hard, you guys have figured it all out before even saying, "I do" I mean "Yes" :) Congradulations. Its a beaut. Hopefully you'll get to use it for a while before having to revert to a MINI-VAN. hah hah