Michael and I spend our first Valentines Day together apart. How sad is that:( My sister and I had appointments that weekend up around my parents house so we had planned to go home for the weekend. Unfortunately, Michael couldn't come. Needless to say, Valentines Day for me was pretty uneventful.

But, the following Friday (the 20th) Michael made up for it all. For our one year anniversary and Valentines Day Michael secretly planned the evening. He started the evening by giving me a dozen beautiful orange roses:) Then we headed off to the surprise dinner Michael had planned. Our surprise destination . . . Spark.

For those of you who haven't heard of Spark, it is a new restaurant in downtown Provo. The owners wanted to give it a New York/metro like feel so the restaurant has lots of modern decor, a bar and lounge areas for people to just "hang out". They have lots of drinks from around the world (non-alcoholic of course) and I think plan to have that be there bit "thing". Well I had heard about this restaurant from my roommate and really wanted to try it out. (Surprise #1 for me! Thanks Babe.) Boy were we in for a surprise. The "meals" were like ones from a movie. All about presentation and definitely not about size. An hour and $70 dollars we left still hungry and disappointed. I thought they had a great atmosphere, but their prices were way over the top. This is PROVO for crying out loud. Our drinks were different and fun, but when we got our meal . . . let's just say the menu is deceiving. I believe my order included a Fillet Minion, some sort of potatoes, beans and something else. What I got was a Fillet Minion on top of some potatoes that were so thinly sliced they were potato chips. Around that was a "circle" drizzle of red stuff with Lima beans randomly placed around the "circle". Presentation: A, Quantity: D, Quality: B. Michael wasn't impressed by the Salmon he ordered either. (That's saying something for Michael, he liked everything. Though I think the price had an effect on that.) I believe Michael's quote about the whole experience was "It was just like that commercial where that couple goes to a nice restaurant then hits up the gas station right after and loads up with Twinkies and other food because they are still starving. We aren't going there again". ON A HAPPY NOTE: I thought it was fun and was glad to get to go there. I have always wanted to go to a restaurant like in the movies with food like that. Now I can check that off my list of things to do.

After dinner we went up to the temple and had a nice stroll. Michael then gave me his present for me. He made me a book, a "Why I love you" book. He is so cute. He wrote down everything he can remember from when we met and everything he thought and felt. Its so cute, i love it! (Thanks babe!)


Michael said...

I just love your GUTS babe! haha, thanks for the amazingly fun weekend that we had together. Now we can save up for another month and then waste $100 like that easy again! haha, or just have fun all the time for less dough. alright, babe i'll talk to you later

Jessica Parnell Tucker said...

Sounds so romantic! Lets see... I went to a kids basketball game, watched TV, ate cereal, and Rhet worked. Live it up now!!! I can't believe you've been together a year! You must be the old rocking chair couple to the other singles! Can't wait to see your cute face. (Not exactly looking forward to an airplane ride home with 4 kids and two lay-overs, though! You are worth it!