Sick . . . that about sums it up

After enjoying some 4th of July fireworks, we walked onto the back porch (to go inside through the back sliding glass door). As we entered the door, to our surprise (to say the least) we noticed a "little" figure on the brick wall to the right.

For all you spider lovers out there you may think this is pretty sweet. I beg to differ. I HATE spiders with a passion and I nearly went into shock. This is by far the biggest spider I have seen in nature. I have seen some big spiders at the zoo or at places like that, but NEVER this large in the wild. It's too big to step on! Needless to say I was a little itching and spider paranoid for the past few days.


Trent and Amelia said...

that is crazy! is that a normal sized brick? I have never seen anything like that ever, even at a zoo.

Aubry Tucker said...

Yes that is a normal sized brick. I havent seen one quite like this either. It still creeps me out looking at the picture of it!

Kate said...

way nasty! hope you NEVER see another one!