Weekend in Saline {Part 1}

Some friends of ours (who happen to be my sisters in-laws) offered Michael and I their house last weekend while they were on vacation so we took the opportunity! (Thanks Harris's!!!) So, Michael and I drove down to Saline, MI, on Friday after I got off work for some fun and alone time.

We spent Friday afternoon at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (which was fun but crazy!). I had been to the fair before when I lived here but Michael had never. It was a lot bigger then I remembered. I think Michael and I made it through about 1/3 of the streets and just that took us over 2 hours. It was interesting to see all of the things people were trying to sell. I honestly didn't see much that interested me besides some photographers. I really liked some of their work. I would have loved to buy a few but lack the money. One of them gave me a great idea for a school project though so that was good!

On Saturday we met some of my old High School Friends, Kimmie and Kristin, for breakfast. Michael was so nice to come with me and just sit there while we all talked about everyone and everything. Thanks babe! It was so fun to see them again. I miss my old friends:)


Harris Family said...

Geeze you guys had so much fun...I'm still jealous I wasn't there! Cute photos of Saline. I've never scene that doorway before-where the heck is it? It is way cool, and even cooler that it is "1/2"!
I can't wait for you to come visit us here and take some cool photos of things we do-you are the best photographer! PS...I talked to another one of my friends today, and I'm pretty sure I convinced her that she needs you to take her family photos...$80 sound good to you?

Karen said...

Michael is such a good sport! I miss Kim and Kristen. They are good friends.