Weekend in Saline {Part 3}

The Blue Angels had an Air Show Saturday and Sunday of last week and we got to go! (Thanks David and Fara for helping us get tickets!) We met Michael's family at the Willow Run Airport and needless to say, it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. We could have watched from outside for free, but it was worth it to be inside the airport and have them fly right over you! We could have stayed there the entire day looking at all the airplanes, watching the shows, meeting the Blue Angels and seeing countless other things, but we pretty much just watch the Angels and left. It was fun to be there and experience it. I recommend going next time to all of you who haven't seen the Blue Angels before, they are AWESOME. I got some great shots!

The Crew

For those of you not aware: The Blue Angels consists of 6 pilots. 2 are solo fliers who do the sweet moves seen below, and the others do formations and other sweet moves. (obviously I know a lot) Anyways, most of the time the 4 flew together (sometimes only 18 inches apart) and the other two flew solo crossing each others paths while doing tricks.

Minus 1

All 6

The Soloists

The Pass

The Four

Solo Flip


(Sorry the color is off . . . )

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Karen said...

You got some awesome pictures !!! How did you do that? Glad you had fun.