Weekend in Saline {Part 2}

During our weekend vacation in Saline, Michael and I stopped at some of my favorite photo spots. There are a few places around the Saline/Ann Arbor area that I just love. Saline has tons of old barns, railroad tracks, trees, houses and other intriguing objects and buildings. We were not able to get pictures of everything, but these are some of the ones Michael and I captured.

"The Old Railroad" (taken by Michael:))

"The "Ann Arbor" Train"



(This one was a new and exciting find for me! While taking a stroll with Michael through downtown Saline we came across this doorway and I fell in love. I wont lie, part of that love came from the fact that it reminds me of Harry Potter because it has 1/2 in the address, but that aside, I love the color and look of it all.)

"107 1/2"

"Lone Tree in Green Field"

P.S. I can't figure out why, but the colors aren't as vibrant on my blog as they should be. My files look so much better and more colorful not online. Weird. Anyone know why that is?


Michael said...

sweet pics hun! u've got some wickedly awesome photography skills to go along with your karate kick. Now we just have to get you found and famous!

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

These pictures are gorgeous! LOVE THEM!

Karen said...

you got some great picutres! Is that our favorite tree in the field?

Ashley, Mike & Mylie said...

you look so happy! I love that door to! How is the program going for you so Far?