The Cottage

Crooked Lake, MI

Every summer the Jensen's have a tradition of going to Grandma Marge's (their adopted Grandmas) cottage for a week. Since we are here for the summer, I was able to go for my first time. Grandma Marge lives on a beautiful lake called Crooked Lake in central Michigan. Michael and I were only able to stay for a few days because of work, but the time we spent there was great. It was fun to have a little vacation with the family!

Swimming Fun

On our Pontoon ride

Michael and his brothers even got a little fishing in!


Robbi and Emily 4-ever said...

we miss you guys, when do you come back?

Tiffani said...

What a fun vacation! Good scenery photos!

Karen said...

Great pictures and it sounds like you had lots of fun. I'm so glad you are having a good time in Michigan.