Out with the Old, In with the New

During the past two days Michael and I have made a few big/new purchases.

1. New Brakes: We knew when we bought our car that the brakes would need to be replaced by the end of the summer. But we got more then just new brakes; Michael got a personal lesson on how to change them himself. It pays to have a family friend that is a mechanic. Thanks Steve!

2. New Laptop: Since Michael will be entering the BYU Accounting Program in just a few weeks and a laptop is a necessity, it was a must. Luckily, Michael got a great deal on this beauty. (the black one!)

3. New Phones: Due to my current phones recent turn for the worst and my parents adding Michael to their plan, we both got to get new phones today! YEAH! We both got the Samsung Gravity but in different colors. So far, we love them.

Can you tell . . . I love new things:)


Tiffani said...

Oh how fun. Not especially fun to spend money on all the new things, but it seems like you didn't have to spend much for how much you got. Mom told me you talked the guy into free phones. It sounds like you had a friend do the breaks so that probably didn't cost as much as it could have too! Good for you, hope you enjoy all the new stuff.

Karen said...

What kind of computer did Michael get? Did you get to take family pictures for Holly's friend? We sure miss you two. See you soon.