Catch Up

A lot has happened since living in Michigan for the summer. . .
On our drive back to Utah, Michael and I took the longer route and visited my sister Tiffani and her family in Derby, Kansas. We drove all day Friday (the 2oth) and got there late that night. We spent the weekend and Monday with them having fun together. A few highlights:
1. When Michael and I took our things into our room we were surprised to find a little gift for each of us. Tiffani had gotten us each a little somethin’ somethin’. I got 4 sweet orange mugs that just happened to match perfectly with the plates and bowls I bought 2 years ago and had been saving!
2. Tiffani and Ryan had told Carson that we were coming on Sunday so he was not expecting to see us Saturday morning. When I got up on Saturday and went into the living room I got the best welcome that anyone could ask for. Carson had the biggest smile on his face and ran over to give me an “anaconda squeeze” (huge hug). Too cute!
3. I made some money while on vacation; take some pictures of Tiffani’s friend and her family.
4. The weather was perfect. We all went outside and had fun playing with side walk chalk and shooting hoops (the boys).
5. Ryan and Tiffani got a babysitter and took Michael and me out on an awesome double date. We went to an Entertainment Center nearby and had loads of fun. We chose to do one of their “date night packages” which included Pizza, Soda, Bowling, Arcade tokens and Go Carts. IT WAS AWESOME!!! It was fun to be able to hang out with them and have fun together. The pizza was delicious, I won at bowling, and who doesn’t love Go Carts!? We even were able to purchase matching bracelets with our tickets from the arcade games! So cool!
6. We surprised Carson with some Spiderman/Batman/Teen Titan DVD’s that he LOVES.
7. We all got to go swimming at the new YMCA indoor pool. It was so nice! Though we just went swimming, they had everything in there: a climbing wall, sauna, and the usual workout equipment, an indoor and outdoor pool with playground equipment in the pool, a big hot tub and to top it all off . . . a tiny dryer for your swimming suit. It dries it in like 30 seconds! Carson and Halli loved it! (we all did) Halli wanted to walk all over and didn’t even mind when the water was to her chest or when she would lose her balance and dunk her head under.
8. One of the best highlights . . . While chatting one evening after the kids were in bed Tiffani started telling a story about when she was in middle school. The thing is . . . it was MY story. I told her that story years ago and somehow she thought it was hers after all these years. HAHAHA. (In her defense I did something very similar but in reverse. I once went to point out a scar “I” had to find that I didn’t have it. Tiffani did. So funny!
Altogether it was . . . amazing! We had fun wrestling with Carson and watching Batman and Spiderman. Halli is too cute and just melts your heart with her smile and makes your day when she comes to cuddle. I loved being able to go visit them and be with them. I miss seeing my family! My nieces and nephews are all growing up so fast.

The Harris Family . . . SO CUTE

Ryan, going for the slam dunk

Michael, showing Ryan how its done

Halli . . . a few too many M & M's



After leaving Kansas Tuesday morning, Michael and I drove the rest of the way to Utah. We got into Provo around 9:30pm and spent the night at some friends. The following days were crazy (especially considering we thought school started on Tuesday the 1st not Monday – one less day to get everything organized).

We woke up early on Wednesday and checked into our apartment. We were surprised to find out that our bedroom was double the size of anyone else in the complex! It is seriously huge! We spend part of the morning helping Lindsey move into her apartment then went back to take care of ours. My mom came up around noon and spent the day helping me clean the apartment while Michael got our stuff out of storage. (Thanks Mom!) After everything was clean we spent the next few days unpacking and organizing everything. (Not a fun task when in a time crunch) We were able to get most things in their place and were able to go see my family for a day. We drove up late Friday night and spend Saturday with them. Oh how I missed them. Saturday night we drove back to Provo and were up until 1 trying to get everything in order for Sunday.
(I will include pictures of the before and after of our apartment in the near future.)

On Monday . . . school started. And that’s where it ends. JK

Michael has been busy with school since day one; actually, even before the first day. He has hours upon hours of homework every day on top of working 15 hours a week, but does his best to be home and help out as much as possible. I am so proud of him! I honestly don’t know how he does it. I couldn’t do it. He is working hard to do well and will be applying to the MAC program come January I believe.

As for me, things have been going well. I was lucky to get a job working with Alumni Placement in the new Hinckley Center on campus. (I had searched and applied for many jobs on campus with no leads. I decided to call everyone I knew that worked in Career Placement hoping to find something. To make a long story short . . . it was perfect timing. I got the job.) As for school, things were a bit crazy at first because my classes hadn’t transferred and I didn’t know what I needed to take, but I have it all down now. After this semester I only have 12 credits left to take! Unfortunately some of them have to be taken in order so I can’t graduate till December 2010. But hey, that leaves me with 2 easy semesters, and since I need full time credits to get grants I will be able to take all the fun classes I want.

School for me has been good so far. I am a little behind after changing classes two weeks into the semester, but luckily it’s just history. HA. As far as photo classes, I am taking Digital Imaging (Photoshop) and Advanced Photography. I am excited and nervous about both. I am excited to learn more about Photoshop and continue to improve in that area. I am also excited about my Advanced Photo class because the class focuses around using a Large Format camera. (For those of you who have no clue what one is . . . it’s the cameras they use in some movies that look like an accordion.) I am excited to learn how to use it but nervous. There is nothing automatic about it and you have to be exact. It’s a lot to remember and learn. It should be fun though. BYU even has the cameras for you to rent so you don’t have to worry about buying one if it’s not your style. I love that they have such a nice facility and everything is up to date. I am so lucky to be here. I just hope I can live up to everything that is expected. I am impressed everyday by my professors and their skills. It is wonderful.

Other random events:

Lindsey and I (Michael opted out) got to go on a big shopping spree to Bed Bath and Beyond with all of our wedding gift cards. That was awesome.

September 12th was my birthday and I had a perfect day. I started off the day by going to breakfast with Emilie at Denny’s. It was fun to catch up with her and just talk about girl stuff:) After breakfast, Michael came home and took me shopping at the Mall. After hours there, we came back to our apartment and relaxed. Elise, my BFF from MI was down from Idaho so she stopped by for awhile. Becca, Michael’s sister came over for a little to say hello and bring me a cute necklace she made. Around 6, everyone left and Michael and I watched a movie for a bit together then went to dinner at the Brick Oven. (Note to self: don’t do the buffet; just get the delicious pizza you know will be awesome.) After dinner we went to HumorU which was really good. I was a bit skeptical upon going, but it was great. I recommend it to all! I was so grateful to get to spend the day with Michael and friends.

September 19th was the BYU vs. FSU game as most people know. My Dad came down and went to the game with Lindsey, Michael and me. (and Michael's friends) We had fun going all out FSU with face paint (minus Michael, he stayed true to BYU). We hit up a few tailgating parties before the game, and then headed into the stadium. Needless to say, it was a sweet game for FSU. I must tell the highlights for me:
1. I got to meet and get a picture with the FSU cheerleaders.
2. AND BEST THING OF ALL . . . I was able to cross of one of my lifetime goals. I SHOOK BOBBY BOWDEN’s HAND!!!! It was the perfect end the one of the best days ever!

Lindsey, Diddy, Me and Michael right after doing our face paint. We are ready for the game.
Me and the FSU Cheerleaders
A little pre-game rivalry:)
Michael and his Friends. (from L to R, JM, Taylor, Preston, Michael and Ezra)
Dad, doing the Seminole "chop"
Lindsey Loo
Michael. Awesome.
Bobby, 5 seconds before shaking my hand.
Look at all those happy fans!
The field


Petra said...

Yay for not having to be in school forever! 1 more year! Remember to impart all your photographic wisdom my way.

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. Look forward to seeing more updates. :)

Harris Family said...

Sweet post. I guess I haven't looked at your blog in a while. I think I have looked at your photography one, but I must not have checked this one, cause it looks like its been posted for almost a month. I'm glad you had a great time here with us...we sure had a blast with you. You're about half way done with this semester now!!! Just think...in two months and one week from now it will be Christmas and we'll all be together again.