Digital Imaging (Assignments 1-3)

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Digital Imaging. It has been great to learn about all the different things that Photoshop can do. It has also been overwhelming and an information overload. I am working on keeping up and trying to implement the things I have learned. These are the assignments I have completed thus far.

Assignment #1
"My life is AWESOME because . . . "
done with 35mm Film
(Thanks Lindsey for being "me")

Assignment #2
The person who means the MOST to me
It must be taken indoors
Goal: Have correct skin tones

Assignment #3
"Magazine Cover"
Pick a magazine you love
Put your image on the cover using layers
Goal: Make it look real and awesome

I have Assignment #4 ready to post, but I haven't turned it in yet. It has yet to be revealed. But now you have something to look forward to:) My self-portrait.

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Tiffani said...

These all look GREAT...I love the national geographic. I hope you got a good grade on it cause it looks for real to me! You are awesome possom