Digital Imaging (Assignments 6)

Assignment #6
"Horse Chestnuts"
Must be black and white
Goal: Make the print look like a silver gelatin print
(a.k.a. make it look like I took it with film and printed it myself in the darkroom)

This is my favorite assignment so far. I am very happy with my print. And as an added bonus, I got a good grade:) Double bonus . . . My teacher hung it up in the hall. (In the photo world and the educational visual art world this means you did a good job.)


dantzel said...

Congrats! Way to go!

Harris Family said...

Nice work...I like your nuts.

J.M. said...

Nice Job on the Hallway pic. I see those pictures sometimes when I go in that building, which is much less than sometimes, next to never, and kitty corner to always.