Digital Imaging (Assignments 4-5)

These are my two most recent assignments for Digital Imaging.

Assignment #4
"Self Portrait"
Use texture and color say something about yourself
It doesn't have to be true :)
Goal: Use texture and color effectively

Assignment #5
"My Ideal World"
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be.
Goal: Blend at least 4 different pictures together. Blend carefully and effectively. It doesn't have to be realistic, but it must be believable.

(This assignment gave me the most grief of any assignment since I started the photo program. One, because it is not my style. I enjoy taking pictures of things that are. Old buildings, random objects, people, landscapes . . . NOT creating my own. Two, I couldn't get the idea in my head to work out. After many photo sessions, stress and failed attempts, I managed to create this piece. While it wasn't my initial vision, it is at least part of it. I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. Thank you family for helping me out and being patient with me. I owe you all.)


Harris Family said...

Good photos. I like the candy one...even though it isn't what you originally pictured, it looks good.

Johnson Family said...

They look great! You do awesome work!