Christmas is Coming

The past few weeks have been a little crazy for Michael and I. We both have been busy trying to finish up last minute projects and starting our preparation for finals. The past week was and this week will be brutal for Michael (and therefore lonely for me). He is intensely studying for his Accounting finals which accumulates to about 12 hours a day. Not too fun.

As for me, since my photo finals are Portfolio's, I started right before Thanksgiving preparing. So, after tomorrow I am practically finished! Yeah! I am so glad that I was able to motivate myself to get ahead. I have 2 photo critiques on Thursday but my work is done. (with the exception of mounting a few images) I'm so exicted! Im 24 hours away from a stress free week. Michael on the other hand has a good 5 days. I am sure he will do great.

Besides studying and working, I have been working on getting everything ready for Christmas. Michael and I will be spending the holidays with my family. All of my family:) I cant wait for everyone to get here. But, even though we wont be here for 2 weeks out of the month, I was feeling a little down one day because we didn't have a Christmas tree or any decorations (besides a countdown) for Christmas and decided we needed something. I love the Christmas season, but whats Christmas without decorations and music to remind us? So, I went on a shopping trip determined to find something to enhance out little apartment. To my surprise I found the most perfect thing . . . (and for a SUPER good price) Every time I look at it I cant help but smile:)

About a week ago I decided that we needed more decorations so the other night I made this to add to the decor. I am trying to think of other cute/cheap decorative ideas so if anyone has any ideas, please share!

Well, its time to get back to my studying. Wish us luck and Merry Christmas!

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Harris Family said...

Cute tree...love it, and good idea making that sign. It looks great. I tried doing spray snow on the windows, and it turned out pretty good. Just don't touch it...Halli and Carson felt the need to touch it so it doesn't look good anymore. I just cut out some snowflakes, taped them to the window, sprayed the window and ta-da you're done. I think the spray snow cost me like 2 bucks! Plus you can keep it up through Jan!