Christmas 2009

I know this is well overdue, but man have we been busy!

And now for the recap. Christmas was great! Michael and I were able to spend Christmas vacation with the complete Tucker family +1. My brother Rhet and his wife, Jessica, were kind enough to open their house to a foreign exchange student, Nicole, from Germany from August - January. SO, since Nicole was with them in December she got to join in the fun. We loved having her around and are so lucky to have met her. Unfortunately she went home early January, we already miss her!

I have lots of pictures (many taken by family members, due to me feeling under the weather) to post. Before I do that though I wanted to specifically note a few of the highlights.
1. We did a ring and run to about 4 family this year who we felt needed a little help and cheer. On the last house, about 18 of us rang and ran. We were 98% sure that the receiver was not home, so we invited all of the children, with parents to help, to come ring and run on the last house. To our surprise she was home:) And the miracle . . . we weren't caught! But I am sure if anyone was watching they were laughing hysterically at all of us trying to run down the road and hide behind a short bush.
2. Family dinners. Since there was so many of us, my mom had the great idea of taking turns cooking. We had amazing meals every night. It was SO good!
3. Just being with my family. I loved every minute we were able to spend together. I loved all of the games, movies, talking, shopping, the whole package. I couldn't ask for a better family!

The list could go on. In an attempt to keep your attention I will make a quick list of the events of Christmas Vacation 2009
* Gingerbread Houses
* Games
* Shopping
* Family Fun Center
* Treehouse Museum
* Going to the temple (and taking the tracks there)
* Chuck E Cheese
* Delicious Food
* Sickness (about 70% of the family got sick at one point of another) Luckily for everyone else, i got the sickest. I was sick for about 2/3 of the break with Strep. This was probably the sickest i have ever been, but i tried my best to still have fun and be a part of the fun.
* Ring and Run
* Christmas Eve traditions with new additions
* Nicole, Our addition to the family.
* Movies
* Setting of fireworks on our neighbors doorstep
* Playing with the nieces and nephews
. . . I am sure I missed somethings, but I think this is enough!

Overall we had a wonderful vacation. I loved every minute. I can’t wait for 2011!

The Photo's
The crew on our matching PJ's.

Rachel, clearly concentrating:)

Halli and Lindsey at the Treehouse

Rhet and Ben:)

The Rhodes

The Crew, with Grandma Hansen

Nicole:) Awesome sweatshirt!

Family Fun Center

The 3 Amigos!

Tiffani and Lexi at the Treehouse

The Sword and the Stone - Goodluck you two!

Adam and Mara

The Treehouse!

The Tuckers

Lexi Loo

The Harris Family

Halli Berry

Deenz showing of Ryan Harris's handwork.

Daisy May


Carson is his new get-up

Brookie Cookie

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