Our first two assignments were to do a Monochromatic image (all one hue with different values) and an Analogous (colors next to each other on the color wheel. Similar colors). Here they are:



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Petra said...

So I looked here when you told me you updated and had fun looking at all the pictures... but put off posting because I got distracted.. but here I am now!

Without Further ado...

The pictures are looking good, Aubry. I am most jealous of all the photographs you are taking. I assume you are learning lots! Found any cool tricks you wanna share? :) School treating you well? You still doing the BA? And if so.. does that mean you will be done this year?!

We should do the chat thing soon and catch up. Though your blog update was much appreciated. Looks like Christmas was loads of fun.

And that is lame about the camera. What happened? That has to be like missing your left arm! Hope it comes back soon and in working order.

I recently acquired the 5d Mark II. I feel like I am relearning the digital camera all over. Did you feel that way when you got the d300?

Miss you!