We're Back!

Michael and I are finally back in the swing of things as far as school is concerned. It took us both a few weeks to get motivated and back into the homework and work routine, but I think we are finally there.

Michael's semester has been a lot "easier" and less busy from last, so that's been nice. He has been able to come home around 7 or so every night with few exceptions. The material is more complex and obviously more difficult, but all of his cases and homework haven't taken a ton of his time. Last semester, if you remember, he was handed a huge case on the first day that kept him and his group in the library till midnight every night for about three weeks. Its nice to be able to see him every day:)

As for me, my classes has been good so far, but are stressful. I spend a lot of time trying to be creative and working on my images. I am currently taking a Classical Portraiture class, as well as, a Color Photography class. Both are great but stressful.

Besides school we have enjoyed going out to eat, cooking, going to the movies, visiting my family, going out with friends, and just relaxing any moment we can. Since we knew the "spare" time wouldn't last, the first two weekends after school started we spent seeing Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, New Moon, and Blindside. All great movies:) We had to make up for my being sick during the break! ha.

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