Another Batch

School is still coming along . . . it is starting to get extremely stressful as finals are approaching. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can do it. And while it will indeed be stressful, SUMMER is coming:)

Time Pasted - Personalized Color

Larry - Ration Lighting

My Darling Grandma Hansen (and her mother) - Documentary

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dantzel said...

I think it's amazingly awesome that Larry is in the picture. And I think the photo of Grandma with her mom in the background is really sweet. Love it!

P.S. Sometimes as we drive around I see an area and think, "Aubry would love to do a photo shoot here!" The most recent site is an old, abandoned baseball diamond just off the road with a single set of bleachers behind the home plate fencing. I think it's a pretty neato setting and I would love to take some sweet pics there myself, but I lack the cool-picture-taking know how. :)