The Monday after Lindsey and Kenny's wedding Michael and I packed up the car and started our drive.

SIDE NOTE: The Sunday before we left (4.25.10) was also our 1 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary Michael! Thank you for a wonderful year. I am so grateful everyday to have you in my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our family.
For those of you interested, Michael and I celebrated our anniversary the Thursday before by going to Rodizio Grill in SLC with Tiffani, Ryan, Lindsey, Kenny, Adam, and Dantzel. We had a sibling anniversary celebration. (We missed you Rhet and Jess, sorry your plane didn't get in earlier!) Michael got me some beautiful flowers that are currently being dried at my parents house:)

We spent all of Monday driving. Luckily Michael got us The Hunger Games and Catching Fire to listen to on our drive to make it not seem quite as long. It actually worked, time flew by and I honestly felt like the drive wasn't too bad. (For those of you who know me, I am not much of a car trip person. But, now we know for later, audio books are the key.) We arrived in Kansas around 10pm that evening. We spent the next four days in Kansas with the Harris'. It was fun to finally be able to relax and to enjoy my sister and her awesome family.

We had a great time!
A few highlights:
Day 1 (Tuesday) - Recovering from the 15 hour drive, we spent the day hanging out around the house and takings naps, lots of naps:)
Day 2 (Wednesday) - Now that we were fully recovered - the fun began. Michael and I joined Tiffani, Halli, and Carson (as well as Carson's preschool) on their field trip to the Nature Center. I was impressed by all the fun things they had. Halli and Carson got to feed some turtles, pet a snake, learn about owls, and run around outside. It was fun to be with them and learn as well. It was the perfect day to enjoy nature.
After the field trip Carson and Halli took naps while Tiffani and I went out to get some lunch and do some grocery shopping. It was great to be able to spend some alone time with my sister. I miss living close to her.
After Ryan came home from work we all took the kids to the park. It was really windy, so we didn't stay too long. Instead we went home and made homemade pizzas on the grill. This was something I had never done before, they were delicious. After dinner we had movie night with Carson and Halli and watched Monsters vs. Aliens. When the movie was over, the children went to bed and the adults played Canasta:) All together a very fun and eventful day.
Day 3 (Thursday) - After a long day yesterday, we decided to have a more relaxing day. Michael and I played with Carson and Halli throughout the day doing various things. We played the Wii and wrestled with Carson, colored with Halli, etc. The weather was perfect. A little breezy, but not too much. So we took advantage of the weather and all went on a walk. After the kids were in bed, we talked for awhile then watched Avatar. Great movie.
Day 4 (Friday) - In the morning Tiffani and I went out and bought some yummy doughnuts for everyone. There is a great bakery called Squeeks in Derby that has delicious doughnuts. As expected, Carson and Halli loved them.
Around lunchtime we all walked through the neighborhood to a friend of Tiffani's. Once a month they have a "Mom's Lunch". They take turns each month hosting and making the food for it. I thought it was a great idea. The kids all get together, have lunch, and play, while the Moms get to talk and enjoy some lunch as well. Michael loved this especially. I think he might have been the first male to come to Mom's Lunch:)
Later that afternoon Ryan got off work early so he and Michael could go golfing. I think this was probably one of the highlights for Michael. He enjoys golfing and has been trying to go more often so that he can improve his skills.
When the boys returned we all went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. It was perfection. ha. I got the usual unlimited minestrone "soup, salad, and breadsticks" and ate until I couldn't eat another bite. I was surprised the Carson and Halli both loved it as well. They both loved the salad and breadsticks. Halli even joined me for some of my soup. She ate nearly every last drop of the broth and wanted more when I got another bowl. She was too cute.
After dinner we said our goodbyes to Halli and Carson, took a picture (see below), and they headed off to bed. When they were fast asleep we got out Life Twists and Turns and played that until we were all exhausted.
Day 5 (Saturday) - After days of fun, we packed up the car again - leaving around 4:20 am - and headed to Georgia.

Thanks Harris' for letting us come stay with you and for all the fun. We love you

These first few pictures are actually from when Tiffani, Carson, and Halli came to visit Michael and I in Provo before Lindsey's wedding.

I love Halli's expression in this one.
Michael and I got to take turns racing Carson to the fence and back. :)

At the Nature Center in Kansas

The night before we left

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