My 100th Post! Georgia

We drove all day Saturday (18 hours!) and made it Georgia around 10:30pm. We finished The Hunger Games and started Catching Fire during the drive. Though the day did go by faster then usual, it was still a LONG day. The day started out rough when our entrance to the toll road in KS was closed. We didn't know where another entrance was and spend about an hour trying to find one before waking up Tiffani at 5:30am to help us out. Thanks Tiffani and sorry for waking you up, again! Besides that minor set back, things went pretty smoothly. We hit a few bad rain storms, but nothing that kept us from moving on. By the time we made it to Augusta we were both pretty tried and ready for bed. We talked to Rhet for a bit then headed off for a good nights sleep.

We spent the next few days with Rhet and Jessica and their family. On Sunday morning Michael and I got to take a shower in their AWESOME, huge, radical shower. Rhet built it himself. It has two heads (one that you can grab and hold, and another that stays in place), jets in the wall (great for a nice massage), and tons of space. It was, well, perfect. I wish my description could be better, but its one of those things that you have to see it and experience it yourself. I'm definitely getting us one of those. Maybe one day when we have a house Rhet can come build us one of our own! (What do you think Rhet? Deal?)

Anyways, back to our vacation. Sunday we went to church with Rhet and Jess and had a fun time relaxing and playing with my nieces and nephews. Colby was my little buddy and loved playing with me:) Dantzel, Adam, and their girls came for dinner. It was fun to see everyone again and to be able to be in their home. Dinner was delicious and the company was great. After Dantzel and her clan left we spent the evening just talking and catching up. This is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to just talk with my siblings (I consider my in-laws my siblings as well.). We always have a good time.

On Monday the girls went to school before I woke up. I spend the morning playing with Colby and Ben and hanging out around the house. When the girls finished school we all went to Chuck E Cheese for some fun. Dantzel and the girls met us there and we all enjoyed spending our tokens and getting some prizes (I got candy of course). After Chuck E Cheese, we went home and met Rhet there. We all had dinner then had family night together. It was entertaining to say the least. We played musical chairs for the lesson while being tested on our church trivia. After the lesson and such we had ice cream and played the "Rag" game. It was fun and the kids all loved it. After the children were all sleeping we watched a movie together. By the end it was only Rhet and I who made it through the entire movie. Jessica had headed off to bed and Michael was fast asleep on the couch. Funny movie, good times.

Tuesday I woke up and helped get the girls ready for school (I made the lunches). Michael spent the morning playing board games with Ben while I played with Colby. While the boys were napping we finished watching Avatar (which Jessica had started the day before). When the boys woke up we went and picked up the girls from school and headed over to the Rhodes. We spend the afternoon and evening at Dantzel's house. Rhet came over after work and brought us some boiled peanuts. They were sweet! I love boiled peanuts! We all had dinner and talked for awhile till the children started getting tired. About that time Rhet and Jessica decided it was time for them to go home. So, we said our goodbyes to them and their family and they headed home. We loved spending time with the Tuckers. We miss them already. After the Rhodes girls were in bed we talked with Dantzel and Adam for awhile then we all watched 2012. Not one I would buy, but I thought it was worth watching once.

Wednesday was a fun day with the Rhodes. Michael and I (more so Michael) spent the morning playing with Mara. Rachel went to school and Brooke didn't sleep well the night before, so Brooke and Dantzel took early naps. While they napped Michael had the opportunity to play Barbies, Ponies, and Kitty & Bear with Mara. He was too cute! Michael you are seriously the best! You are going to be a great dad. Later that afternoon when Rachel got home we all went to a nearby Swamp. Don't worry there were no alligators. I was hoping to see one, but I think Augusta is a little too far north for alligators to come. We did see a turtle, lots of bugs, and fish. It was actually quite a beautiful place. I enjoyed seeing the lush shrubbery and green everywhere. After the swamp we had movie night! We ordered Pizza Hut (so good!) and watched Meet the Robinson's. I thought it was a cute movie. It had some twists I didn't see coming:) After the movie the girls went to bed and the adults played Scotland Yard. For those of you who have never heard of this game, its sweet. It's one (the thief), against the rest of the players. I got to be the thief and I won! Woo hoo! After the game we all headed off to bed.

We woke up Thursday morning, had breakfast, and prepared to head out. We said our goodbyes and left around 9am for Atlanta. Thanks Rhodes for the fun! We loved spending time with you all. (I always go through withdrawal when I leave my family. Especially when I know I wont see them for awhile. It's rough. What can I say, I love my family!)

In Atlanta, we met some BYU Alumni from a Accounting firm and had lunch with them. It was great to be able to talk to them about what they do and to get a feel for what Michael will be doing in the future. It was also nice to get a feel for the area that we want to live and to get some advice on where to live and where not to. After lunch we drove around the city a little bit then headed to our hotel (the Marriott Downtown) and spent the rest of the day in that area. We walked to Olympic Park and spent time there just people watching and talking. They have a fun water area that was packed with children. Water shoots out of the Olympic Rings on the ground at different highs and power. It was fun to watch all the children running around and loving the weather. After the park we walked around for awhile trying to find somewhere to eat. We found a big strip that had tons of restaurants and picked one there. We went for Mexican food. Michael got his favorite, fajitas, and I got some Spanish Rice. (One of my symptoms of being pregnant is that NO food sounds good. Nothing is appealing to me. Its really difficult to eat sometimes and often leaves me frustrated.) So, on this specific evening . . . rice was the only thing I thought I could eat. After dinner we walked back to our hotel and spent the evening relaxing and catching up on some of our shows that we had missed.

The following morning (Friday) we packed our bags and loaded the car for the last leg of our trip. We made it to Michigan without much trouble around 9 or so. The drive was smooth and the day went by pretty quickly. We had the next few days to enjoy together, then it was back to the real world. The vacation was over . . . Michael started working.

A few pictures from Georgia
(Sorry for the lack of awesome pictures, my pregnancy symptoms were setting in and I wasn't feeling so amazing. That and I was feeling tired all the time and lazy. My apologies.)

* While at Dantzel's house with the Rhodes and Tuckers *


Mara, Brooke:), and Rachel

My buddy, Colby

Daisy diggin' in to the Boiled Peanuts. Delicious!

Rhet and Colby


The Tucker Clan. (Ben, Daisy, Lexi, Jess, Rhet, and Colby)

* The Swamp *

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