To the Bentley's!

Literally the minute finals were over Michael and I went home and started packing. Michael finished his last final and I finished work at 10am on Wednesday morning. We went home and packed all day. Around 7, some men from the ward came and helped us move all of our boxes into another couples apartment (Thanks guys for helping us move and the Cambell's for letting us use your space!!) where we will be keeping it for the summer. When everything was out, cleaning began. We cleaned till almost midnight before everything was complete. I will admit, it was NOT our best day. "This was the worst day of my life!" is the way Michael chose to put it:) Poor guy.

We checked out the next morning and went straight to my parents house to help prepare for Lindsey and Kenny's wedding!!! (and of course to spend time with all my siblings as they came into town)

Everything was great. Lindsey and Kenny were married on Friday, April 23rd, in the Bountiful temple. It was a beautiful day. Everything was perfect. It was great to have the family there! I love it when we are all together. (We were missing a couple of my nieces and a nephew.) We are all happy and excited to have Kenny is the family! Congratulations Lindsey & Kenny! We love you both. For those of you interested, Lindsey & Kenny started a blog of their own. If you are would like to see what they are up to click here.

I took some bridals for Lindsey & Kenny before the day . . . here are a few of those:

Wedding Day: A few of my favorites.
(Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures of the Bride and Groom. They were busy with the official photographer and I didn't want to get in the way. Enjoy the wedding day Tucker family fun.)

Just Married:)

Lindsey and Kenny with the nieces and nephews:) So happy!

Grandpa and Halli

Peace (Nice Lindz:))

Checkin' out the fountain

Dantzel and Brooke

Lindsey and Mom (both so beautiful!)

Is it any wonder why "Mike-E" is Halli's favorite?

What handsome men:)

The Rhodes: Mara, Adam, Dantzel, Brooke, and Rachel

The Tucker's: (minus their 3 oldest) Rhet, Jessica, and Colby

This is the best picture of Michael and I that we got (and Halli of course). I promise I am not as chubby as I look:) Bad angle

Colby is looking a little unsure about this

The Harris': Ryan, Carson, Halli, and Tiffani

Rhet and Jessica

Grandpa and Cookie

Dantzel and Adam

Cute Cousins

Rhet and Jessica

Carson:) I love this one

Tiffani and Ryan (Happy 6 Year Anniversary!)

The cake

Preparing for their exit

Heart shaped sparklers:)

Off to their Honeymoon!

~ The End ~


Lindsey said...

Hey thanks for posting these pictures they are all so cute! Thanks for taking some extra pictures, they are fun to have :)

Johnson Family said...

I love the pictures.