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After many requests for an update, here I am. I have so much to post about that I have been postponing blogging for weeks. Well I guess its time. So, CAUTION: LONG POST AHEAD.

I guess it would be easiest to start about a month ago with school. On a happy note, the semester is over! Yes! I made it through another challenging semester and learned a lot. It was definitely hard and stressful many times, but overall I enjoyed it. I love my photography classmates that I get to spend every day with. They are all great and helpful. I love being inspired by them and learning from them. I count myself lucky to be with such a wonderful group. When those days come when I don't feel like coming to school (everybody has them), knowing my friends will be there makes it easier.

Here is a quick breakdown of my classes and semester . . .

inding: On of the best classes at BYU. I absolutely LOVED this class! I made real books from start to finish! (not like there are fake books, but once I get some pictures you will see what I mean) Books like you would find in the library. I did it all. Cut the paper, made signatures and textblocks, sewed the spine, sewed endbands, made covers and spines and put it all together! Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures before I came to Michigan for the summer so you will all have to wait till August to see those. In conclusion, if you are still attending BYU, take this class before you graduate. It is tough to get into because of the high demand, but it is awesome and you will love every minute.
Modern Art:
Oh the joys of essay tests. I loved lectures and learning the material, but boy am I glad I never have to take anothe
r essay test again! For those of you unaware of the process, in almost all Art History classes at BYU the tests are essay. Meaning, you study four in depth questions about different aspects of what you are learning, then on the test day, the professor picks one out of a hat and that's the one you write on. If you are lucky he or she will pick two and you get to pick one of the two. (Just to give you a taste: Example 1. Create a critical narrative that traces the development of Dada (in its various centers), the Metaphysical School, the New Objectivity, and the many manifestations of Surrealism. Who created the central ideas or philosophies of each of these movements, and why were these movements, in some sense, damaged by manifestos and intellectualization?; Example 2. Compare and contrast the artistic movements of the inter-war period in Europe in light of their political sensibilities. Consider individual works from each of the following movements: Vorticism, Dada, New Objectivity, Surrealism, and Nazi art, as well as a modernist architectural work of your choice. Which artists and movements were politically charged in subject matter and personal activism, and which, if any, were apolitical? For whom does nationalism play a role? Compare the nationalistic artists with those whose ambitions were “international.”) As you can see, NOT THAT FUN. But, I shouldn't really complain. I managed to do well on all of them, just hated studying for 'em:)
Color Photography: This class was a repeat for me. I took it at UVU with Travis and loved it,
but when I realized I was a few credits short of being full time I didn't have many options. So, I opted to take it again with my friends. You can always learn more, right? Of course. It was a good chance for me to review that I had already learned and an opportunity to improve. (you can see my work from this class in previous posts). The best part of this class for me was my final project. I really enjoyed picking something that I wanted to do and being able to spend a good amount of time working on it. I liked the freedom of working really hard for days then having nothing for weeks or spacing everything out. I will post my images after the recap:) **A special thanks to my good friend Petra for the inspiration.
Portraiture: While this class was definitely a challenge for me, I really enjoyed it and feel like I learned a ton. While I love taking pictures, I have always felt that portraits were my weakness. This class gave me the opportunity to work on that and to build my confidence in myself. Though it was not without struggle, I enjoyed all the assignments. I feel like I have improved a lot and now actually enjoy portraiture:) But, best of all . . . through this class and the assignments I was able to get to know some wonderful people in my life in new ways. Thank you family and friends for giving me your time and helping me with my photography. You are the best!

Color Final: (I consider this a work in progress)

Portraiture: My last few assignments


BYU Lacrosse (thanks JM for your help!)

As for Michael, his semester went well too. He is finally finished with the Junior Core and is happy to have that past him. This semester was a bit easier then last which was a nice change. We were both able to see each other more which was great:) He did great in all of his classes. If he wants to expand on his semester he is welcome to come add (don't hold your breath:))

(Since it is taking me longer to add pictures than expected, I have decided to write multiple posts.)

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